Monday, November 22, 2004

went to ueno with che last saturday..i woke damn freaking early
dat then we headed to shinjuku to buy new keitai..
(^__-)subarashi!!heheh..then we just look at stuffs in ueno..
and headed back to abg.sani's this international we watched the performances from indonesia,
mexico, was great!!umai!!

and then atode..we head back to abg sani's apartment and EAT!!
we cooked together and there's sambal undang,ikan goreng and
kari ikan!!
aak!!subarashi oishii!!!(^o^) and then we
just hang out and chatted..wait till abg zamir came and then we
lepak some more and then jana and abang zamir barely sleep but i
fell asleep for only 2 hours!!and then abg zamir headed to work and jana
goes to sleep..and then i was wide awake until 10am..watched 'the mind
hunter' was great!!although i was watching it alone..haha..sumaranai
dayo!!well..suddenly feel dat my eyes can't barely open..(^0^)decided to
sleep until 12pm!!hahaha..the rest of the day was just having good companies
over italian food at saezeriya until 10pm..*headed home*

it was a great weekend..(^o^)

waking up at the sight of odaiba~*

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