Tuesday, November 16, 2004

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!well..it wasnt like wat i've
expected!!hari raya in tokyo was great!!!subarashi!!!
gosh..it was undeniably shabishikute..demo daijyobu yo!!
well..on the eid's eve,me and jana slept over at k.farah's
house..so we cooked ayam masak merah and me and
jana made the acar and it was superb!!hehehe..and yupe..
later on we go to sleep early coz we hafta wake up ealy
the next day..

so..the next day..we are all dressed up and wallahweyh!!!
sugoi na!!everyone looked nice and hahah..i dont even
feel like i was in tokyo!!(^o^) so then me,jana,abg pian,
k.farah and eiman went to the embassy and perform the
solat raya there..there were LOADS..and LOADS of
people there!!but i managed to get the front row..and
heheh..performed the solat raya after 5 years..opss..*gags*

so later on..we ate the food there..which were kambing,
rendang daging,ayam,kuah kacang and nasi impit..
and hey!!feels like home..(^__^)so atode,we went to abg
zamir's house for the big event..EAT!!yeay!!hehehe..so there
we ate a LOT!!we had all sorts of cookies and there even
ketupat palas kak pah brought for us all the way
from malaysia!!heheh..

hmm..later on we just hang aroun and eat..and just chatted
away and mochirrong!!we had a great time there!!!and then..
we just lepak there until 9pm.and almost everyone
was gone by then..but then..me,jana,abg sani,abg zamir
and che decided to go for karaoke..it was funny!!hehehe

sang few songs and the next day..~*not feeling well*~..hehehe
~*had so0ooo much fun kedo,missing home...~*

-->raya pics<--

from left: rina,jana,aishah n me (^_^)

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