Friday, November 12, 2004

lusa hari raya!!lusa hari raya!!(^__-)

yeay!!i had a great time in the clss today.its been a while
since i laughed so0ooo..hard!!murusawa sensei was damn funny!
heheh..anyway..loads of things had happened since i arrived
here..been through thicks and thins...wif jana.

everytime i called mama..she will ask me 'don't you miss us
here?u seemed like ur having fun..'
(+_+)and i will go
and say..' fine'..well although i WAS fine..and
not missing my home..but since its the last 2 days of ramadhan..
i suddenly feel this urge of missing every single thing i left in
malaysia.maybe my cats were 20 when i there are 30!!
maybe my house was yellow when i left,maybe now its white.well..
pretty much..when eid's almost near...i could now feel that
i wanna go back and celebrate eid with them..but what to do..? sure gonna miss waking up early in the morning to
'tok ayah's' voice..waking us up to preform our prayers and
getting prepared for the raya prayer..and getting all the
food prepared..and of coz..lining up with all the cousins and
siblings asking for forgiveness from ma and grandma and
grandpa..uish!!dats really........but hey!!cest la vie!(+_-)

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