Monday, November 22, 2004

went to ueno with che last saturday..i woke damn freaking early
dat then we headed to shinjuku to buy new keitai..
(^__-)subarashi!!heheh..then we just look at stuffs in ueno..
and headed back to abg.sani's this international we watched the performances from indonesia,
mexico, was great!!umai!!

and then atode..we head back to abg sani's apartment and EAT!!
we cooked together and there's sambal undang,ikan goreng and
kari ikan!!
aak!!subarashi oishii!!!(^o^) and then we
just hang out and chatted..wait till abg zamir came and then we
lepak some more and then jana and abang zamir barely sleep but i
fell asleep for only 2 hours!!and then abg zamir headed to work and jana
goes to sleep..and then i was wide awake until 10am..watched 'the mind
hunter' was great!!although i was watching it alone..haha..sumaranai
dayo!!well..suddenly feel dat my eyes can't barely open..(^0^)decided to
sleep until 12pm!!hahaha..the rest of the day was just having good companies
over italian food at saezeriya until 10pm..*headed home*

it was a great weekend..(^o^)

waking up at the sight of odaiba~*

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!! wasnt like wat i've
expected!!hari raya in tokyo was great!!!subarashi!!! was undeniably shabishikute..demo daijyobu yo!!
well..on the eid's eve,me and jana slept over at k.farah's we cooked ayam masak merah and me and
jana made the acar and it was superb!!hehehe..and yupe..
later on we go to sleep early coz we hafta wake up ealy
the next day..

so..the next day..we are all dressed up and wallahweyh!!!
sugoi na!!everyone looked nice and hahah..i dont even
feel like i was in tokyo!!(^o^) so then me,jana,abg pian,
k.farah and eiman went to the embassy and perform the
solat raya there..there were LOADS..and LOADS of
people there!!but i managed to get the front row..and
heheh..performed the solat raya after 5 years..opss..*gags*

so later on..we ate the food there..which were kambing,
rendang daging,ayam,kuah kacang and nasi impit..
and hey!!feels like home..(^__^)so atode,we went to abg
zamir's house for the big event..EAT!!yeay!! there
we ate a LOT!!we had all sorts of cookies and there even
ketupat palas kak pah brought for us all the way
from malaysia!!heheh..

hmm..later on we just hang aroun and eat..and just chatted
away and mochirrong!!we had a great time there!!!and then..
we just lepak there until 9pm.and almost everyone
was gone by then..but,jana,abg sani,abg zamir
and che decided to go for was funny!!hehehe

sang few songs and the next day..~*not feeling well*~..hehehe
~*had so0ooo much fun kedo,missing home...~*

-->raya pics<--

from left: rina,jana,aishah n me (^_^)

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

well..i guess today's already 13th of November..eid is just
about..TOMORROW!!wahaha..(-0-)i chatted wif apoo just now.
and it was eid's eve in ENGLAND!!how unfair is dat?!!(+_+).
as I was looking back..remembering the moment i saw
pictures in the newspapers..sending wishes and asking for
forgiveness from far was far too much for me.what were they
thinking?!!what's a big deal..being far from your family?u
can just call..right...?(+_+) EKKK!!~NOT RIGHT!!~ i know how it everyday i browse the
utusan online..i will read allll..the wishes they sent and
pictures..with nice baju kurung and melayu..gawd!how i miss
my home SO MUCH!!well..pretty much im gonna miss
the loooong journey back to kelantan..loooonngg 8 hours on
bumpy and winding roads..but i would say..i prefer to go
THAT way than being here(just for the mean time ..*gags*)

well..i would of coz! miss doing the 'asking for forgiveness'
part.where all of us will dressed up in baju kurung and baju
and lining up(well there's only 4 of us;my siblings,
so the queue was not dat long..(^_-))in front of our parents and
kneeled down and clasped their hands,asking for forgiveness..
well..i would say dat although during those years i wasnt looking
right in their eyes..feeling the pure guilt while begging for i want them to hurriedly give me my 'angpow' but
then..looking back..i then realized..

it was the signifacant of eid.where it IS the day where you go aroun,
visiting your siblingsr,relatives and friends..begging for forgiveness
for all the wrong doings you've done for the past few might
do it on any given days..but on EID things were much more sincere..pure..
how important it was to actually feel the sincerity while asking for you would tightly clasped their hand in yours,look in
their eyes and said 'im sorry..body and soul'...

well..its almost 4.13am here..looking back all those years..
realizing that this year won't be the same as before..
how i wish i could celebrate the eid with my family...(+_+)

~*miSsiNg hOmE..baDLy~*

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Friday, November 12, 2004

lusa hari raya!!lusa hari raya!!(^__-)

yeay!!i had a great time in the clss today.its been a while
since i laughed so0ooo..hard!!murusawa sensei was damn funny!
heheh..anyway..loads of things had happened since i arrived
here..been through thicks and thins...wif jana.

everytime i called mama..she will ask me 'don't you miss us
here?u seemed like ur having fun..'
(+_+)and i will go
and say..' fine'..well although i WAS fine..and
not missing my home..but since its the last 2 days of ramadhan..
i suddenly feel this urge of missing every single thing i left in
malaysia.maybe my cats were 20 when i there are 30!!
maybe my house was yellow when i left,maybe now its white.well..
pretty much..when eid's almost near...i could now feel that
i wanna go back and celebrate eid with them..but what to do..? sure gonna miss waking up early in the morning to
'tok ayah's' voice..waking us up to preform our prayers and
getting prepared for the raya prayer..and getting all the
food prepared..and of coz..lining up with all the cousins and
siblings asking for forgiveness from ma and grandma and
grandpa..uish!!dats really........but hey!!cest la vie!(+_-)

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Monday, November 08, 2004

kewl2..i went to sleepover at my foster family's house on saturday
in azamino..and it was damn fun!! touched!coz they
together go 'sahur' with me..and they even 'puasa' when we went to
kamakura the next day.i experienced taking was
more or less like a bath tub.but just dat its hot,
nothing much.spent the night watching dvd with kuniko-san.we
watched 'koneko'.stands for anak was not THAT
sad..but kuniko-san cried!!hahah..pity her.she's sooo..soft hearted.
well,that's my mum!(^__^)

so the next day we went to kamakura!!it was STUPENDOUS!!but too bad
the koyu hasnt started i couldnt watch the leaves turning
into red..and yupe!!the rest was fun!!but tiring..hehe..

well,later on i met jana,saiful and abang sani to go to the embassy
of malaysia for buka was no doubt fun!!coz i met malaysian!!
woo-hoo!!we all buka puasa and solat terawikh together.and of coz
atode..EAT..EAT..EAT!!!yum2..and of eyes 'eat' too!!heheh..
there's dis cute chineselooking guy..(~__-)ngee..mate sepet tak
tahan..huhuhu..too bad jimi wasnt there..even on raya i cant meet
him..coz he got test..but hey!!can't wait for raya!!another week to
go!!~selamat..hari raya..kepada saudara serta saudari..setahun..hanya
sekali...dapat tengok mamat2 cun raya in..~ *gags* huhuhuhuhu...


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Friday, November 05, 2004

fewh!!it was a great weekends!!hahah..pretty much of a wakagi here we are..having the helluva part of life in
japan..(^0^)hahaha..been busy with stuffs and all..finally we
got our day off for a week!!sugoi na!!well..since its wakagi..
all the kokugakuin studs got a week off!so me and jana went to
er...everywhere?!!hahaha..yupe!at first we went to shibuya..for
the first day off..the next day we went out to akihabara.well..
been wondering..where the hell did they get all the money?!!(^0^)

well..we actually got our money on the day wut
else?!!SHOPPING,DUDE!!so,yeah..jana bought an mp3 player..kewl!!
and then..hmm..the next day..we just hangout and do nothing..

so on the tuesday..we went to saezeriya(im not sure the spelling
though)with k.farah,abg pian and iman..and we had the greatest
spagetti there!wahahahah..its been a while since i could eat
spagetti and pizza!so then..the next day..we went to komagome..
visited k.hanim.and there's loads of people there!!there's like
every person k.farah'd mentioned before..and of coz!!had a blast
there..we 'buka puasa' together and then just asobu..hehehe..
it was great!(^__^)

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