Sunday, October 03, 2004 im going to yokohama with all my kokusai
frens and some nihongjin not sure whether
we can make it..coz its raining had been
raining since this morning..(+_+)..well it might
wreck my mood a bit..

last friday we had the second welcome was
great!!!the kokusai frens were hmm..i think they were
having a great time after a long week of pressures
in class!!hehehehe..i think dats refering to me..(^_-)
well..anyway,we had drink..(kanpai!!!)..and the best
part is eating..hehehe..everything is tasty..but hell!!
its all pork..damn..(^_^) did look like chicken
though..but we all msians decided to eat the sushi and
some of the curry was yeah!! SUGOI!!!(delicious)
then we had to go up the stage and introduce ourself!!!
it was damn scarry!!!hehehehe..but yeah!taught me to
speak out loud..(^_-)so..talked to norie..she told us
dat she'll bring us to tokyo disneyland..or maybe go
skiing at her grandma's house..isnt dat cool!!she's damn...
NICE!!cant wait...!!

well..sums up..i had a great time..(^_-) yosshaaa!!!

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