Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i had a great time!!went to do pottery the other day..
i couldnt imagine dat i did pottery!!sugoi!!so we went
there and do our own pottery..although it looked more
like a bowl!!hahaha..we were supposed to make a chinese
cup..hahah!!it was undeniable cool!!

well,after dat we went towatch kyogen..which is a
traditional japanese theater..i just lovee!!!live
show..well,although i couldnt understand a word?!!
i was just laughing becoz everyone does!heheh..but
lucky me there's miyabi.her english name is elisabeth..
coz she's a mix of germany-japanese.so yupe!she's damn
nice.she's only 14..and yet..she can speaks deutch,
nihonggo and english..sugoi!!its nice!!well..had a great

this is kyogen..weird,eyh?
click here for pictures:kyogen

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