Sunday, October 24, 2004

been reading everyone's blog and yeah..everyone been telling
about having their ramadhan away from home..kinda saddening
which applies to me too!!wargh!!its my first time having my
ramadhan and raya away from home.but alhamdulillah been
busy with stuff so i couldnt figure out how sad it was being
away from home.

however,been meeting few msians...and they are damn nice..
so didnt feel dat 'sabsishi' being away from the mo,
having our sahur at abg sani's house.had our 'break fasting'
few hours before and it was really2 fun..and of coz!chotto
nigiyaka ne..ate kampung style..kangkung,petai,sambal belacan
and ikan goreng.yum2...(^_-)

and hey!!had the greatest earthquake just now!!its quite scarry
but gosh!!its my 2nd time but it seemed to be continuos for
about a while..and as we were at abg sani's house,we sorta
can feel the earthquake coz we were at his apartment and it was
on the 9th floor.we could feel the shaking..fewh!!and guess
wat?!!it caused 6 deaths all over japan and 300 injured.
how scarry is dat?!!

well,they said dat this year is the year(after 100 years)..that
japan might be facing another natural disaster.a!!im
not sure about dat..just heard the rumors..but yupe!!chotto
worried about dat..but i hope everything will be fine..(+_+)

p/s:anyway..i still miss my home...(+__+)

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