Thursday, October 28, 2004

asakusa was fun!!!

well yesterday was our day we went to asakusa temple..
and it was totemo sugoi!!!had a great time there!!we went to
temples and we went to edo museum and gosh!!it was helluva!!
i've never been to such a huge museum!!and its soo...ancient!!
feel like travelling back to edo jindai!(^0^) hehehe..

but the thing is dat its kinda cool to travel back to history..
and i took LOADS of pictures..and its really2
cool..(no doubt!!)BUT pardon me..i barely know wat pictures
did i take!hahah!!soorrryyy....but yeah!i was awed though and
heheh..with all these funny kids..its not like going to a boring
museum after all(^__-)*gags*


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