Monday, September 27, 2004

gosh!!i finally had the chance to sit and relax!!gosh!!can
u believe it?!!im now in japan!!!!its kinda cool though..
but heck!!i dont understand a word here!!its like in the
middle of no where..sometimes i regreted to be here but
u can tell when things we hard..and complicated..people tend
to either face it or just ran from it..well..i chose to face

hmm..went to shibuya..i was wondering..wats with shibuya?!!(?_?)
elena and kathy keep on telling us it was "tight!!" and i was
like.."how tight is dat?!"..and as we went there.hey!it is TIGHT!!
its like gosh!!flooded with forpass and hahah..
i guess me and jana looked like alien coz everyone keep on giving us
this ?? fine with..but so far
everthings cool and all..daijyobu=okay(^_-)

well so far nothing much..just an ordinary life..missing my
family and frenz,home,malaysian food,my cats and sum1.but yup!
daijyobu yo~well..gotta face it though..gambatteruyo!(^O^)

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