Monday, September 06, 2004

fewh!!finally ...i had moments for myself!!(^O^)yossha!!
nway,it had been such a tiring month!!so now im slowing
down a bit..getting prepared for japan..(^_^) and heheh..
it's the first weekends i'm spending wif my family..well
besides going to perhentian la..and i bet the last weekends
for dis year!ma n pa leaving for NZ next week..huhu..and i,
insyaAllah leaving for japan on the 21st Sept.GOSH!!dats
like 2 weeks away!!(+_+)*isk*isk*

slept quite late last nite.played gameboy color*gags*
i hate dat tennis!!grrr!!the thing's easy..but
why i kept on loosing to dayt damn computer!pissed me
off and preoccupied me until its already 3 a.m.
heheh..i was possessed!!(^o^)

so..had been doing some shoppings..brahim's,sri aji,
nestum,milo,oats,maggi,beras..gawd!!the lists are just
t0o..LONG!!and as if im gonna COOK?!!haha(^_-)mama said
just buy stuffs for the 1st 2 months..later on can buy
there..and i hafta learn how to cook and SURVIVE!!wargh!!
nway,i'm not done wif the shopping thingy.. :p

since its gonna be winter when i get hafta bring
winter clothes,longjack,jumpers,socks,cream,lotions,lipgloss!!
(ajin told me to bring loads and loads of them!!)thanx,ajin!
u know wat..?!suddenly i feel if im gonna be there
for years..*blush*blush*(+_+)but yeah...

kakak: *~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~*
ash :i miss the gameboy color!!
ma&pa:yummy cheeze choc!!(^_-)

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