Monday, September 27, 2004

gosh!!i finally had the chance to sit and relax!!gosh!!can
u believe it?!!im now in japan!!!!its kinda cool though..
but heck!!i dont understand a word here!!its like in the
middle of no where..sometimes i regreted to be here but
u can tell when things we hard..and complicated..people tend
to either face it or just ran from it..well..i chose to face

hmm..went to shibuya..i was wondering..wats with shibuya?!!(?_?)
elena and kathy keep on telling us it was "tight!!" and i was
like.."how tight is dat?!"..and as we went there.hey!it is TIGHT!!
its like gosh!!flooded with forpass and hahah..
i guess me and jana looked like alien coz everyone keep on giving us
this ?? fine with..but so far
everthings cool and all..daijyobu=okay(^_-)

well so far nothing much..just an ordinary life..missing my
family and frenz,home,malaysian food,my cats and sum1.but yup!
daijyobu yo~well..gotta face it though..gambatteruyo!(^O^)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

dah sampai!!wargh!!miss malaysia la...nak balik boleh??!!
miss mama,papa and the food!!nway..finally i arrived to
japan!!!woo-hoo!!(^o^)and the guys are hunkies!!!(^_-)

n u know wat..baru sehari..but missing everyone
badly already..huargh!!!

this is tokyo tower..(^_-)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
And wouldn't it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong

You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it"

-Beach Boys

heheh..i took this song from denise's blog..but yeah..
the song really meant something..well..nothing much..i
guess this is leaving next week.met my frens in
upm just now.and *blush*blush* i met mat kool and
of coz..he's undeniably cool..anyway..i wont be aroun..
bz wif preparing stuffs and all..(+_+) soO..
sad..leaving my frenz in i wont be in the same
class or even year anymore..takpe..there's always hikmah
di sebalik watever redha..(^_^)

btw,putri cam to my house..gosh!!wat a tiring weekend.but
yupe!it was great.and yesterday met mona n amir.they were
cute!belanaj me secret recipe..yum2..thanks u guys..hari ni
mona balik..sobsob..hmm...nanti i pulak yang nak blah..

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Friday, September 10, 2004

::wat a wonderful....girls?!!::

went out wif these gals the other was
great!!went to cyberjaya before going to midval
and helluva!!! it was damn nice!!and hey!im soOo..
jealous of such nice school...but still..
i miss the old here for pictures: midvalley

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Monday, September 06, 2004

spoked to ranj..she just send ranj this pic..miss them A LOT!! Posted by Hello

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fewh!!finally ...i had moments for myself!!(^O^)yossha!!
nway,it had been such a tiring month!!so now im slowing
down a bit..getting prepared for japan..(^_^) and heheh..
it's the first weekends i'm spending wif my family..well
besides going to perhentian la..and i bet the last weekends
for dis year!ma n pa leaving for NZ next week..huhu..and i,
insyaAllah leaving for japan on the 21st Sept.GOSH!!dats
like 2 weeks away!!(+_+)*isk*isk*

slept quite late last nite.played gameboy color*gags*
i hate dat tennis!!grrr!!the thing's easy..but
why i kept on loosing to dayt damn computer!pissed me
off and preoccupied me until its already 3 a.m.
heheh..i was possessed!!(^o^)

so..had been doing some shoppings..brahim's,sri aji,
nestum,milo,oats,maggi,beras..gawd!!the lists are just
t0o..LONG!!and as if im gonna COOK?!!haha(^_-)mama said
just buy stuffs for the 1st 2 months..later on can buy
there..and i hafta learn how to cook and SURVIVE!!wargh!!
nway,i'm not done wif the shopping thingy.. :p

since its gonna be winter when i get hafta bring
winter clothes,longjack,jumpers,socks,cream,lotions,lipgloss!!
(ajin told me to bring loads and loads of them!!)thanx,ajin!
u know wat..?!suddenly i feel if im gonna be there
for years..*blush*blush*(+_+)but yeah...

kakak: *~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~*
ash :i miss the gameboy color!!
ma&pa:yummy cheeze choc!!(^_-)

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