Monday, August 02, 2004

::yasmin's back!!::PC FAIR::rooney::

gosh!!i was trying my luck online..and end up...i bumped into
yasmin and ranjini!!!gosh!!i really missed them a LOT!!gee..
yasmin's back in MSIA!!yeay!!i really can't wait to see her!!
hehe..kena bombarded ngan die regarding all the questions i
asked..haha..she said nanti we meet up..i nak grill her wif
loads of questions pun takpe..hehe..really2 miss dat gal!!

as for wonder she hasnt been replying my mails..
she f***ing busy!! is like way..busy,dude!!
(^_-)hehe..well i was really tired dis i ate my
lunch and planned to take a short i did.and i was
rushing to perform my solat fraid dat i couldnt catch the when i was finally at the class..which i always came
late i was pushing the door hard..and BAM!!it was
EMPTY!!!haiya!!was i early or what?!hahaha(^O^) actually,the class
was cancelled!!hampeh!then i headed straight to the lab and get
done with my amali..

anyway.i went to pc fair last week..went wif stella,siew ping,
siti and nina..and it was damn packed!!ramai giler orang datang..
i wasnt thinking of getting any pcs or laptops..just jalan2..and
i thot i saw DAT guy!!he played drum at the battle
of the band..anyway..he's kinda cute la..(since im trying to push
aside mat kool..(+_+)puh-lease!!) anyway,in the car we listened to
ROONEY!! dya know them?!ok..ok..dya remember the guy
in princess diary..yupe!dat cute2 bodoh michael..he got a band..
called rooney!!damn!the songs are all really cool..alaa..ala2 demo
tape yang main2..but hell yeah!!its cool (^_-) i like the i'm shakin'
losing all control and er..all of the songs,man!!
does this ring a bell..?!!(^o^)

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