Monday, August 30, 2004

from left:jid,lela,mala,azz,me,madin,fizz,azar,mcna

had a great time the other day..after I got back to
college..went back on Friday..went to fiza's college
and we are off to movie!!there were jid,azar,mcna,fiza,
lela,mala,azz,madin and me!we watched raising helen!!it
was a really nice movie..we had a great time at the
movie as we can talk out loud and comments..hehe..since
the seats were only quarter full!! And the funny thing
is dat there's dis guy..i think he went to watch the
movie alone..he slept through out the movie and we were
laughing to tears seeing him and even worse!!fizz woke
him up pun..he TAK SEDAR!!so we decided to walk away jela..
haha..and then we took pictures and it was kinda cool coz
we conquered the parking lot and took pictures there!!(^O^)

so..later I went sleepover to jids house..wif
azar+mecna..we watched 'honey' halfway and end up the next morning we had breakfast and off
to OU!!we had a blast!!there's loads of pictures taken..
but not yet uploaded..anyway..the pictures are all awesome!!
we GLOWED like an angel!!haha!can't wait for azar to send
it to me..(^__-) but hell!!we had a great,
eating again?!!(^O^)it was unbelievably the
greatest laughs I ever had after a long..time..beside
laughing at fiz's 'ba alif ba ta' and lela's 'quiksilver'..
but was really..nice(^__^)

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