Wednesday, August 25, 2004

wargh!!!the enjoyment had just begin!!anyway,i just
got back from pulau tanned!!and
really2..tired!!so,right after i came back from
lela's..the next day i went to pulau perhentian..
damn tired!!holiday marathon..haha!!so..dat morning
my dad drove us to terengganu..for 5hrs!!and my
butt numbed!!hahah...

so..the next day we went to besut to get on the boat
ride to perhentian..hell!!for god's sake!!i wont take
dat kinda boat ride AGAIN!! the weather wasnt
good so we had a damn bumpy ride!!i felt like i was
about to be thrown out of the boat!!but the ride was
worth it as we arrived at the most tropical heaven..

so..right after we arrived..we went for a nap and as
we woke up..HELLO!!NURSE!! the sexy goddess everywhere!!
in bikinis,trunks and even..topless?!!hahah..but the
tide was we decided to swim at the pool!!(^O^)

so the next day..we went for SNORKEL!!!it was damn nice..
we were thrown at the deep blue sea and hola~* fish
everywhere!!!so.we snorkeled fo 3hrs then we went for a
swim at the lon was HEAVEN!!!the crystal clear
water was STUPENDOUS!!so..we swam and swam..then we went
back to hotel..and later dat evening we swam AGAIN until 7!!

we had a great on the last day..nothing much to be
done just take sum pictures and just enjoy the beauty of
the tropical heaven..and waited for the ride home..luckily
on the way back..the ride was fine as the sun shone and
no more numbed buttocks!! hahah..

click here for pictures: heaven

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