Monday, August 16, 2004


last friday was FUN!!!nuren was here in KL!!
so she came to my house..and yupe!!there's
sue and usual..sue is like another
version of fiza..just dat they are both FUNNY!!
making crappy jokes and they ahng out at my house
for 1 1/2 hour and of coz!!i just cant get enough!!
so they went back to ruley's house..i asked them
to meet me back the next day...

so yesterday..they pick me up and we went for
breakfast at jasima..roti telurt+milo ais!!yum2..
(^O^)so later on we all went to OU..and sue!!gosh!!
she shopped like hell!!bought sandals,shirt,bag, it..everything existed she borong!!
heheh..we had a great time!!but then..the meeting has
to nuren's going back (+_+)..sad..sad..
but i managed to see her pictures..and im in love with
YOSHIDA!!dis one japanese guy in her digcam..*gags*
and all her pictures while she's in japan..gosh!!i
really..really..envied her!!nuren chang!! matte ne!!
we'll meet again in japan..hehe..

but hey!!we had a great time!!!gonna miss u nuren!!and
sue..gosh!!i didnt know u got such nice hair!!ruley...
been knowing her since primary..and gawd!!we're still
in touch..(^_-)sums up..totemo omoshirokattayo!!!yossha!!

this is our pic..candid!! ;p
and here's other pictures of us!! :lepaK

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