Thursday, August 12, 2004

GOSH!!wat a day!!as soon as i arrived home..i was
damn TIRED!!but yupe!i had a great time..when i
arrived at midval to find lela at the jigsaw world..
boy i was almost mistaken her wif sum other victoria beckham..haha..well,wif lela's new haircut.who's to
be blamed?!! wif her words
can explained dat..(^O^)she did a french manicure and
we were laughing at her offends lel!
(^_-)but yeah..she looked like a bien chica!!(^O^)

anyway..we were hanging out at pizza hut.i was bloody
hungry!!(when was the time dat i NEVER get
hungry..?!(+_+))nway,pojoe came too..but he was a bit,didnt join us for 'mean girls'..hahah..then
later on..we went to dome..and the rest is history!!
(^O^)..fill in the blanks lel..

on the way back i gave lel her birthday gift and she
gave me this cool flip-flop!!its damn NICE!!thanks
lela (^_-) but i forgot 2 take her picture..(wif her
new haircut)neymind..there's like LOADS of next time,
huh,lilo?where's next?BSC?KLCC?MIDVAL?NILAI?
(^O^)huhu..had a great time!!

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