Wednesday, August 18, 2004

omigod!!wat a tiring week!!!well..right after the mid
sem break..i went back to college..but was a bit late
for like 1 day only i wasnt in the mood
to go to class so the next day went out AGAIN!!wif
lela,fatty and fiza..had a great time at midvalley!
so then i decided to go sleepover at lela's house..
*gags* wif fiza too!!too bad fatty couldnt come..coz
it was such a short we had lunch at the
chicken rice taugeh please!!!(^O^) so then,
we sent fatty to putra station..then we headed to fiz's

the place was cun man!!nice,of coz!!so we lepak for
a while and went to secret recipe and bought some cakes!
haha..memang duk kat umah lel buleh jadi fatty..boom2.. offends lel..but yeah..asyik makan mlm
tu we lepak2 until 5!!karaoke..watched 13 goin 30..and
borak2..sedar2..dah 5!!so we sleep and woke up at 8!!coz
we hafta send fizz back to drove us to
KEY ELL!!!w0o-hoo!!(^O^)all the way from b4
sending fizz off.we lepak at bsc and had lunch there.

later dat went back to nilai..bought cetak
rompak and pizza..and spagetti!! n my spagetti..
so dat nite..lepak2..called ehem2..notty2 lela..and we
made prank calls!!sums up..on the last day..we went to OU
and had johnny's wif lel+k.meg..and i went back home..

*~had a great time..(^_-)click here for pictures

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