Friday, August 27, 2004

so on the way back to college..i went out for
a bowl wif was kinda weird coz
I haf not seen her for a long time..but yeah..
she doesn't change dat much though..edd..well..
as tall as ever..we went for a drink and then
we bsc..kinda cool dat yasmin's now
working and entering her third year in medicine
and edd's doing mechanical engineering..gosh!!
how cool is dat?!!(^_-)

so then we bowled..I really sucked!!coz my ball
went down the drain 6 times in a row!!SUX!!and not
to argue..yasmin+edd were damn good at this game!!
(I bet they had been practicing offends)
(^O^)and so..later and..Mr.Alan+acai came!!hahah..
finally at least there's sum1 worse than me!!hehehe..
i wasn't the only 1 sucked at this game..acai
distracted?!!(^_-) and ALAN!! Gosh!!he's irresistibly
pain in the arse!!making fun off me all the time..too
bad Alan..alia hafta say 'buhbye'(^O^) then..after 2
frames..we decided to head home..and I was pretty
tired hand sored!!so..then im off.. back to
my so-called-2nd-home..
~*tired but it was fun!

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