Monday, August 30, 2004

from left:jid,lela,mala,azz,me,madin,fizz,azar,mcna

had a great time the other day..after I got back to
college..went back on Friday..went to fiza's college
and we are off to movie!!there were jid,azar,mcna,fiza,
lela,mala,azz,madin and me!we watched raising helen!!it
was a really nice movie..we had a great time at the
movie as we can talk out loud and comments..hehe..since
the seats were only quarter full!! And the funny thing
is dat there's dis guy..i think he went to watch the
movie alone..he slept through out the movie and we were
laughing to tears seeing him and even worse!!fizz woke
him up pun..he TAK SEDAR!!so we decided to walk away jela..
haha..and then we took pictures and it was kinda cool coz
we conquered the parking lot and took pictures there!!(^O^)

so..later I went sleepover to jids house..wif
azar+mecna..we watched 'honey' halfway and end up the next morning we had breakfast and off
to OU!!we had a blast!!there's loads of pictures taken..
but not yet uploaded..anyway..the pictures are all awesome!!
we GLOWED like an angel!!haha!can't wait for azar to send
it to me..(^__-) but hell!!we had a great,
eating again?!!(^O^)it was unbelievably the
greatest laughs I ever had after a long..time..beside
laughing at fiz's 'ba alif ba ta' and lela's 'quiksilver'..
but was really..nice(^__^)

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Friday, August 27, 2004

so on the way back to college..i went out for
a bowl wif was kinda weird coz
I haf not seen her for a long time..but yeah..
she doesn't change dat much though..edd..well..
as tall as ever..we went for a drink and then
we bsc..kinda cool dat yasmin's now
working and entering her third year in medicine
and edd's doing mechanical engineering..gosh!!
how cool is dat?!!(^_-)

so then we bowled..I really sucked!!coz my ball
went down the drain 6 times in a row!!SUX!!and not
to argue..yasmin+edd were damn good at this game!!
(I bet they had been practicing offends)
(^O^)and so..later and..Mr.Alan+acai came!!hahah..
finally at least there's sum1 worse than me!!hehehe..
i wasn't the only 1 sucked at this game..acai
distracted?!!(^_-) and ALAN!! Gosh!!he's irresistibly
pain in the arse!!making fun off me all the time..too
bad Alan..alia hafta say 'buhbye'(^O^) then..after 2
frames..we decided to head home..and I was pretty
tired hand sored!!so..then im off.. back to
my so-called-2nd-home..
~*tired but it was fun!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

wargh!!!the enjoyment had just begin!!anyway,i just
got back from pulau tanned!!and
really2..tired!!so,right after i came back from
lela's..the next day i went to pulau perhentian..
damn tired!!holiday marathon..haha!!so..dat morning
my dad drove us to terengganu..for 5hrs!!and my
butt numbed!!hahah...

so..the next day we went to besut to get on the boat
ride to perhentian..hell!!for god's sake!!i wont take
dat kinda boat ride AGAIN!! the weather wasnt
good so we had a damn bumpy ride!!i felt like i was
about to be thrown out of the boat!!but the ride was
worth it as we arrived at the most tropical heaven..

so..right after we arrived..we went for a nap and as
we woke up..HELLO!!NURSE!! the sexy goddess everywhere!!
in bikinis,trunks and even..topless?!!hahah..but the
tide was we decided to swim at the pool!!(^O^)

so the next day..we went for SNORKEL!!!it was damn nice..
we were thrown at the deep blue sea and hola~* fish
everywhere!!!so.we snorkeled fo 3hrs then we went for a
swim at the lon was HEAVEN!!!the crystal clear
water was STUPENDOUS!!so..we swam and swam..then we went
back to hotel..and later dat evening we swam AGAIN until 7!!

we had a great on the last day..nothing much to be
done just take sum pictures and just enjoy the beauty of
the tropical heaven..and waited for the ride home..luckily
on the way back..the ride was fine as the sun shone and
no more numbed buttocks!! hahah..

click here for pictures: heaven

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

omigod!!wat a tiring week!!!well..right after the mid
sem break..i went back to college..but was a bit late
for like 1 day only i wasnt in the mood
to go to class so the next day went out AGAIN!!wif
lela,fatty and fiza..had a great time at midvalley!
so then i decided to go sleepover at lela's house..
*gags* wif fiza too!!too bad fatty couldnt come..coz
it was such a short we had lunch at the
chicken rice taugeh please!!!(^O^) so then,
we sent fatty to putra station..then we headed to fiz's

the place was cun man!!nice,of coz!!so we lepak for
a while and went to secret recipe and bought some cakes!
haha..memang duk kat umah lel buleh jadi fatty..boom2.. offends lel..but yeah..asyik makan mlm
tu we lepak2 until 5!!karaoke..watched 13 goin 30..and
borak2..sedar2..dah 5!!so we sleep and woke up at 8!!coz
we hafta send fizz back to drove us to
KEY ELL!!!w0o-hoo!!(^O^)all the way from b4
sending fizz off.we lepak at bsc and had lunch there.

later dat went back to nilai..bought cetak
rompak and pizza..and spagetti!! n my spagetti..
so dat nite..lepak2..called ehem2..notty2 lela..and we
made prank calls!!sums up..on the last day..we went to OU
and had johnny's wif lel+k.meg..and i went back home..

*~had a great time..(^_-)click here for pictures

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Monday, August 16, 2004


last friday was FUN!!!nuren was here in KL!!
so she came to my house..and yupe!!there's
sue and usual..sue is like another
version of fiza..just dat they are both FUNNY!!
making crappy jokes and they ahng out at my house
for 1 1/2 hour and of coz!!i just cant get enough!!
so they went back to ruley's house..i asked them
to meet me back the next day...

so yesterday..they pick me up and we went for
breakfast at jasima..roti telurt+milo ais!!yum2..
(^O^)so later on we all went to OU..and sue!!gosh!!
she shopped like hell!!bought sandals,shirt,bag, it..everything existed she borong!!
heheh..we had a great time!!but then..the meeting has
to nuren's going back (+_+)..sad..sad..
but i managed to see her pictures..and im in love with
YOSHIDA!!dis one japanese guy in her digcam..*gags*
and all her pictures while she's in japan..gosh!!i
really..really..envied her!!nuren chang!! matte ne!!
we'll meet again in japan..hehe..

but hey!!we had a great time!!!gonna miss u nuren!!and
sue..gosh!!i didnt know u got such nice hair!!ruley...
been knowing her since primary..and gawd!!we're still
in touch..(^_-)sums up..totemo omoshirokattayo!!!yossha!!

this is our pic..candid!! ;p
and here's other pictures of us!! :lepaK

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

GOSH!!wat a day!!as soon as i arrived home..i was
damn TIRED!!but yupe!i had a great time..when i
arrived at midval to find lela at the jigsaw world..
boy i was almost mistaken her wif sum other victoria beckham..haha..well,wif lela's new haircut.who's to
be blamed?!! wif her words
can explained dat..(^O^)she did a french manicure and
we were laughing at her offends lel!
(^_-)but yeah..she looked like a bien chica!!(^O^)

anyway..we were hanging out at pizza hut.i was bloody
hungry!!(when was the time dat i NEVER get
hungry..?!(+_+))nway,pojoe came too..but he was a bit,didnt join us for 'mean girls'..hahah..then
later on..we went to dome..and the rest is history!!
(^O^)..fill in the blanks lel..

on the way back i gave lel her birthday gift and she
gave me this cool flip-flop!!its damn NICE!!thanks
lela (^_-) but i forgot 2 take her picture..(wif her
new haircut)neymind..there's like LOADS of next time,
huh,lilo?where's next?BSC?KLCC?MIDVAL?NILAI?
(^O^)huhu..had a great time!!

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Monday, August 02, 2004

::yasmin's back!!::PC FAIR::rooney::

gosh!!i was trying my luck online..and end up...i bumped into
yasmin and ranjini!!!gosh!!i really missed them a LOT!!gee..
yasmin's back in MSIA!!yeay!!i really can't wait to see her!!
hehe..kena bombarded ngan die regarding all the questions i
asked..haha..she said nanti we meet up..i nak grill her wif
loads of questions pun takpe..hehe..really2 miss dat gal!!

as for wonder she hasnt been replying my mails..
she f***ing busy!! is like way..busy,dude!!
(^_-)hehe..well i was really tired dis i ate my
lunch and planned to take a short i did.and i was
rushing to perform my solat fraid dat i couldnt catch the when i was finally at the class..which i always came
late i was pushing the door hard..and BAM!!it was
EMPTY!!!haiya!!was i early or what?!hahaha(^O^) actually,the class
was cancelled!!hampeh!then i headed straight to the lab and get
done with my amali..

anyway.i went to pc fair last week..went wif stella,siew ping,
siti and nina..and it was damn packed!!ramai giler orang datang..
i wasnt thinking of getting any pcs or laptops..just jalan2..and
i thot i saw DAT guy!!he played drum at the battle
of the band..anyway..he's kinda cute la..(since im trying to push
aside mat kool..(+_+)puh-lease!!) anyway,in the car we listened to
ROONEY!! dya know them?!ok..ok..dya remember the guy
in princess diary..yupe!dat cute2 bodoh michael..he got a band..
called rooney!!damn!the songs are all really cool..alaa..ala2 demo
tape yang main2..but hell yeah!!its cool (^_-) i like the i'm shakin'
losing all control and er..all of the songs,man!!
does this ring a bell..?!!(^o^)

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