Wednesday, July 21, 2004

::to be or not to be::

being blur as always...its been a month now..just hanging
there...well..attended class as usual..meeting up frens..
hanging out wif them..and all of sudden i feel neglected..
wat the hell is wrong...people getting busier than always..
stressed out looking faces everywhere..ajak makan taknak..
ajak lepak taknak..even me pun get all stressed out..and u
know wat?!!the it rang the bell!!hihi..they all got 1st
tests coming up..and as for me..I DONT!!,no
wonder asyik tak layan je..heheh..poyo je..

so later today..ajk they all hang out..ngeee...kesian..
dahla today we all hafta send in java's review exercises
and then tutor discrete..hihi..i pun sama naik kelam kabut
nak siapkan..they all pun pelik..aphal la minah nie..mimpi
ke apo?!hehehe..i just grinned foolishly..(^_^)

well..nothing much though...saje menghabiskan duit stay
college..hahah..nak lepak ngan frens..lepas ni dah takleh
lepak dah..depa pun dah nak naik final year when i got back
ngeee....(^_^) be or not to be..nak taknak..
kena gak go on and toksah nak pikir2 sangat pasal benda nie..
come wat may...

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