Wednesday, July 07, 2004

::pizza hut!!::secret recipe::ika::presents!!::

its been a while now..fewh!!i've been busy myself!!gosh!!
i've been really..really..busy lately..classes are PACKED!!!
and everyday will be like so..TIRING!! the only time i had
to myself is at night..and by then i was struggling hard to
keep myself awake!! so dat i can finish up all my workloads!!

anyway..went back home last week..papa+mama decided to throw
me a birthday bash at pizza hut!!THANKS!!! had a great time
there!!eat pizza (of course!!) and yum2..chocolate moist cake
from SECRET RECIPE!!ngee...(^_^)im blessed!!ika was there too!
dat cute lil' gal..rasa cam nak cubit2 je pipi die!!(^_-)

and then got presents from k.dee+abang..they gave me a shirt..
and kakak gave me brand new wallet!!hahah..told me to be more
ladylike..yeah..right!!and then..mama gave me her ol time
watch..really..antique!! it though..and of coz!
papa gave me the whole birthday u guys!!mmuuaahhsss!!

took loads of pictures..and ika plak pandai die posing..hihi..but
then all those picture blom upload lagi..will upload later..but
yupe!it really make my day..sampai ke esok..duk senyum sampai ke
telinga..heheh (^___^)

~*PORTUGAL kalah..takpe..they made it thru final,though..(^_-)

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