Sunday, July 18, 2004

fewh!!1its damn hot out there!!did my laundry just now..3 damn
big paper bags!!heuheeuheu..its kinda funny..coz when i came to siew
ping's room i siap letak my softener and detergent muat dalam 2 bags.
but then on the way back..i hafta leave my softener and detergent at
siew ping's room!! was sent to laundry by car..k.lin anta..
and then on the way back i hafta walk all the way was damn
long journey plus my hands ached coz the laundry bag was freaking
heavy!!so i rushed back to my room to hang the clothes..damn!!
the f***ing door plak kunci!!so i hafta wait outside the room for
15 mins!!!i was exhausted from the long walk back from k12..and
then climbed up the 5 floors!!!fewh!!really..really..tired!!and huhu..
i was sweating like a pig!!decide to take a shower AGAIN! and the
girls are already at the i hafta walk get to the cafe!
coz i was damn hungry..hahaha...
anyway..homework tak siap lagi..suddenly i was thinking..hehehe..
getting wicked..malas nak siapkan..coz actually..i've dropped class!!
heheheh..yippie!!but boo-hoo!!cant take the exams..takpela..i'll just
do the tutorials and lab homework..ngeee...(^_^) but sumhow..i just
feel SUNNY...(^_-)

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