Saturday, July 24, 2004

::going back home::miss my mum::miss my cats::

*~rain..rain..go away..come again another day..

hihi..i slept quite early last nite..but overslept..
terlepas ke..?hujan..sedap btol tido..
anyway..went to watch theater..'tart nenas"..k.ween
was in ex-senior in so..and kak wafa's sister
who's wafa too..played an intersting role..not
bad..didnt make me dozed off la..OK(^_-)anyway..
gonna miss my new room,bed and desk!!hahaha..
NOT!!but dis is my new room's image back in my college..
sorta privacy a bit..but yeah..getting hang on with
it..the bed's a bit mess..ngeee..on top of the bed..
there's AVRIL's poster!!(^O^) u can see my fave
pillow..the green one..lela gave it to me..never leave
home without it..dah sorta jadi bantal busuk dah..
hahahaha..eyh?!oops..the bantal probably at the other
side of the bed..anyway,and then there's my desk..the
place is spent rest of my nights doing....NOTHING!!
hehehe..but like the pictures posted soo..much!!work
of art,huh?ngeee...(^_-)gonna miss dat~*

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