Saturday, June 05, 2004

::till death do us part::forerro roche::choc fudge::

serious tak big bro dah tunang!!!well,
another year to go..and then he'll get married
plak...ngeee...well.the day went fine..pagi
tadi pi merisik and uncle man is the perisik
(^_^)hihi...siap tersasul least the
situation taklah tegang sangat..coz susah when it
comes to guys yang kena merisik nie..hehe

well...kak dee looked PINK!!!heheh..she looked
nice though..well..sekejap je settled..we were
there for an hour je..siap ngan luch and all
and then balik aa...well,the hantaran was the
one we're waiting for..coz there's chocies!!
and yup..of coz the BIG thing..choc fudge cake..
hehe..balik2 je terus serang..ngee...(^__^)'s the picture of kak dee..

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