Wednesday, June 30, 2004

* class until 5pm::sleepy::long distance call::late nite supper~*

fewh!!wat a day today..pretty lepakla..coz there's 3 classes today..
im still confuse wif encik jumaat's class..he tought us management..
well..yeah..i can see dat the knowledge he gave us were mostly on
the general knowledge...GOOOD!!(^O^)but then wat will happen to our
sillibus kuangx3...(^_^) so i really..really need to get the management
book..heuheuheu..dis sem i hafta buy 3 books..which cost me $250!! but
nevermind la..coz without the books i dont think i can survive..heheh...

tomorrow i got no class until 5pm..which is tamadun asia..damn cool!!i
mean the subject la..i read the tamadun melayu,tamadun cina,and tamadun's also tamadun jepun..its really unique la all these
tamadun..but hihi..i almost dozed off halfway thru reading...come on!!!
its HISTORY!!im soo..lazy to read all these facts..i wonder how i can
still find it fascinating..ngeee...(^_^)

got a distance call from LELA!!! u read my blog,eh?dats why u call...? la..i know u remeMber my birthday..THANKS!!(^o^)and act,i was
watching gilmore girls but then this week's episode's a bit BORE!!so..i
sleep early the nite before coz i got 8 am class!!woke up and check my
fon..LOADS of messages coming in!!hihihi..sorry u guys!!my inbox's FULL!!
nway,there's dis nice fren of mine left me a happy birthday wish thru
the voice mail..thanks....(^_-) pity jid..tried to call me but i was on
the phone wif lela..ngee...funny thing is dat FIZ!!!jid sent me a message
and told me fiza says 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY..'..(^O^) haiya..even lela pass me
the message saying she wishes me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'..why so jauh..sampai
pass kat lela..heuheuheu..thanks fizz...i got ur message!!(^_-)

and u know wat?!! I DO have friends aroun me although im no longer in BLESSED..(^_^)thanks for being there~*

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