Tuesday, June 29, 2004


haiya..today im sooo..lazy...coz my class starts at 11..actually
at 12..but then ada tutorial discreet..giler bapok susah!!but..
since im in the BIRTHDAY mood..hihi...so wat the heck!!(^_-)well,
got loads of messages last nite..suddenly i miss SSP...back then
all my closest frenz will come over to my room and shower me with
their birthday wishes..*wink*wink*hihi..and then they'll give all
sorts of presents..(well dats the best part!!) but actually..its
THEM who i missed the MOST!!coz wif them..u'll
be puuting all those worries behind u and always looking forward to
do something new..well,looking back..i can no longer be the yackedie
yack..and go huhuhaha and doing all those silly stuffs!!*blush*blush*
but yeah..its really nice to have your frens around u..and then bila
rasa boring boleh ajak kuar..(^_^)

i miss LELA too!!haiya..bilalah si LILO ni nak balik?!!hehe..dah lama
ko tak call lel..rindu cite2 ko yang ntahpape tuh..ngeee...(^_^)
and then suddenly i was thinking dat at least once in a lifetime..
i want to try everything..i've tried playing guitar,hit and run,
went out late at nite,do crazy stuffs,snorkel,kayak,scubadiving,
wut else...there loads of crazy things i wanted to do..like
bungeejumping,singing for a gig,extreme rollercoaster ride,eating
ice cream during winter,be with the one i love under falling sakuras..
fewh!!i just wish dat all my wishes will come tru..*wink*wink*

well..finger crossed for luck!!(^_-)v

*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME..happy birthday to me..
happy birthday..happpy birthday....

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