Saturday, June 26, 2004

::forget me not::enter sadman::weezer::incubus::

gosh!!am i deaf yet??!!giler besT!!i went to battle of the band wif
lisa ..she was NICE!! but the NOT nice is that the
battle was between the under 18..damn!!heheh..but yeah..bumped into
aki and zul..ada jugak la budak yang i kenal..hihi..but the place was
LOUD!!memang we sit dekat ngan my telinga pun dah tak boleh
dengar clearly..when the music stops je..memang berdesing telinga nie..
but the funny thing is..uncle khair..farah's dad..(yes..he was there
too..) boleh tido dalam gamat2 cam tu..heheh..i bet the songs must be
bored him..ngee...(^_^)

but memang pun membosankan when the guest nyanyi lagu ntahpape..actually,
i think most of the songs were i couldnt sing along..THAT
bores me A LOT!! and then there's this cute guy..ala2 ol skool and quite
nerd la..he wore specs..rambut curly..CUTE!!*wink*wink* and he was like
so...blur..!! but damn cool!!coz it always happen dat if the guy
cute cute blur..memang jamin..he's the COOLEST!!hehehehe(^__-)but yeah,
i had a great time there...few songs yang best metallica,weezer,
nd oasis..hehe..not badla..slow rock..but mostly lagu underground and
totally heavy..not suitable for head bangers coz ur head will sakit..heheh
but so far..i think lagu weezer best la..'island of...' i barely remmeber
the title..but the lead guitarist played well..and there this drummer..
seriuos CUTE!!rambut dier..pergh...memang make u drool..hahaha...but then
me+lisa tak tunggu sampai habis coz telinga dah sakit and our throat pun
dah serak2..coz we hafta scream if nak cakap wif each other..huhu..

but yeah...LIVE BAND ROCKS!!!


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