Tuesday, June 15, 2004

::finally done::summer's over babe::back to skool::

fewh!!its already 15th!!and im soo STUCKED here!!
and u know wat?!!all those story book yang tak habis
baca from last year..dah abis!!even lela's THICK
"harry potter and the order of phoenix" pun
dah habis baca..gawd!!dat f***ing boring amy tan pun!!
actually it WAS boring..but then when i started to
read all the way..gosh!!undeniably interesting!!hehe..
well..actually..i can't wait to get back to college
coz i tend to meet all mo fwens!!!(^_-) hihi..and
gawd!!i barely sleep last nite..at first i was like
on the bed and suddey i was like..*ching*ching*
its *~PILLOW TALK~* and i surely wouldnt want to miss
this epsode since there's hunkie HANS ISAAC!! HOOT2!!
*chuckles*chuckles* he's a HOTTY dude!!heee..(^_-)
anyway..last nite's topic was quite interesting
beside the other cool episodes "pick-up lines?!!"
hehe..anyway..last nite's was about "wat does women
really want in men?" *blush*blush* (+_+)

well..hell ya know wat?!it will always go down to
LOOKS!!good gawd!!i surely can't deny dat although
at times people will keep on denying dat and started
to talk about all this shitty crap.."it doesnt matter
about the looks and all..its all about heart"..haha..
yeah..right..damn f***ing heart,huh?but true2..like
i-dont-know-who's saying : follow ur heart..*gags*
i guess dats wat its all about then..heheh..

enuff bout dat..well..i got like this another freaking
week..and my frenz are all scattered!!ntah mana ntah
depa all pegi..but neymind..actually,i myself pun takde
duit nak hangout ngan them.well,gotta need loads "$"
this month..gotta pay this and that..KABLAM!!paling2
habis almost a thousand!!dammit!!and then tup2..im
leaving on a jet plane~* yeay!!! haha..i can smile
now..wait till im back at colegge and hafta face dat
kak Ros while taking my results..im sure all these
smiley faces brushed off !! f*** @&$%#

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