Tuesday, June 22, 2004

::class started::java::database::haze::new room::

it had always been a good day to be back at college.but however..
i just don't feel like any much better than my own house..well,
beside being able to go out every nie..woo-hoo!!(^O^) but yeah..
tell u wat..right after i entered my room..the whole place's like
BLUE!!..well the floor had been..furnished up!!haha..well,but then
we got this partition which made our room into 6 small rooms..hehe..
but its like a room la..so we got our own privacies la..nak tukar
baju ke..nak tertonggeng ke..doesnt matter..hehe..but then..my
place a bit 'out of reach' of the fan coz it's been halang
by the tall cupboard!!at first..when i got the roomkeys pun..im a bit
terkejut coz its like 'segugus' kunci where before ni..i used to get only for tiny
lil' keys..hahah..so..then as i saw the whole thing..no wonder there's
LOADS of keys..

anyway..act,im a bit scared la..besides the place's a bit privacy..
the kipas TAK RASA..but then imsorta separatedfrom my roommates..so
i cant barely seethem from my place..itslikei hafta knock on the
wallof my partition 9macam ketuk pintula pulak..)to callthem..coz
our voices yang kuat ni pun tak cukup untuk nk communicate wif each
other..haha..so..besides dat..bila malam je..nak tidur ok..but then
i sorta like to hug my pillow..so..now..i cannot do dat..if not..i'll
be sweating..well,ofcoz besides being scared and all..it was
damn hot and sweaty!!huhu..(&_&)

so..classes plak..ok..entering JAVA class..cool!!hehe..so,the best part
is always pn. lilly..she's damn cool.i love her class,man!and got this
database class..but aleh amek..coz if amek java and datbase both..pn lilly
kate susah..well..wat to do..(+_+)so,anyway..i was a bit confused..coz
im not sure whether this sem gonna be alright..coz im a bit jumbled
up about the going-to-japan-thing..anyway..saw mat kool just now..erm..
not to deny..HOT!!hehe..(^_^) will story later,huh?

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