Friday, June 04, 2004

::cincin lord of the rings::jala itik::peaches:: elder brother's getting engaged!!
and im like soo..freaking out!!well,its in the
blood i guess..anyway,tomorrow's the big day..
the hantaran will all be in peach color!!sweeet!!
and act,i can't wait to eat the choc fudge!!yum2..
hehe..i know there's gonna be a chocolate
cake somewhere..hihi (^_-)

anyway..i spoke to putri just was
a shock to find out dat her birthday was on the
28th june.and we were like freaking SHOCKED!!haha
coz turned out dat my birthday's on the 29th!!hihi
its a small world after all,huh? (^O^) well..then
she was calling me (more to mocking me)haha..
sister and i was like.."wait!wat year
were u borned?"..and freaking out again! she's
1 year younger than me!HAHAHA!!it was funny though
coz u never know these kind of things would happened!

well..i've finished up harry potter and the order of
the phoenix!! fewh!! eyes are all
bengkak2..yelah wasnt the book..i
think im suffering insomnia..huhuhu..coz i'll be
like toss and turn in my bed for over and hour and
all i know..i hafta wake up for subuh..gawd!!
so..i continue my sleep and woke up at 10!!which
was freaking s***..mama woke me up and babbled on
me being the 'anak dara' who woke up late and
not realising that..bla..bla..well..the thing is ma!!
i cant sleep at night!! hellllooo!!! (+__+)well.. frens' a level exams about to over..and
yeah..jid,azz,SHILA!!,aida,marina,oh yeah..pojoe..
well u guys!! the world's waiting for u to conquer!!

gawd!im getting i? (^_-)

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