Monday, June 07, 2004

::cats rules!!::meow::BIBIK!!!::not aroun::

aiyah!!!im damn tired today!!bibik's not we hafta do all her chores..
i dunno where did she we hafta feed
the cats and cats were all
excited we released them from their
mansion..heheh..well,i hafta to do all the
jemur kain thing,fold it and angkat from
ampaian..heheh..macam tak biasa plak (^_-)

anyway..suddenly realizing dat i haf too many
cats!! almost!!need to jual some..
coz dah tak terbela..even the most veteran pun
dah died satu..tinggl 3 yang veteran..yang lain
semua yang new generation..hehhe...well,its a
bit tiring when u released them and u hafta
kejar all those cats back into their mansion..
hihi (^__^) look at them..

click here:MY CATS!!

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