Wednesday, June 02, 2004

::boring!!::holidays almost over::harry potter::

fewh!its been a while now!!and u know wat?!!the
holidays almost over!!watdya know!!well..wat had
happened for the past few weeks?!!well..actually,
i DO NOT know myself!!coz ive been nz doing nothing
just laze aroun..tup2 its already JUNE!!yeay!!well..
first yeah is for me:im gonna turn 20!! and the next
yeah goes to lela!!she's coming back!!YEAH!!!

well..been busy myself reading harry potter..fewh!!
dats a thick book!!well..i guees i just end up
sleeping under the book..haha!!well..dats it for
now..more stories..later on when lela's back wif
MORE stories!!haha..(^O^)

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