Wednesday, June 30, 2004

* class until 5pm::sleepy::long distance call::late nite supper~*

fewh!!wat a day today..pretty lepakla..coz there's 3 classes today..
im still confuse wif encik jumaat's class..he tought us management..
well..yeah..i can see dat the knowledge he gave us were mostly on
the general knowledge...GOOOD!!(^O^)but then wat will happen to our
sillibus kuangx3...(^_^) so i really..really need to get the management
book..heuheuheu..dis sem i hafta buy 3 books..which cost me $250!! but
nevermind la..coz without the books i dont think i can survive..heheh...

tomorrow i got no class until 5pm..which is tamadun asia..damn cool!!i
mean the subject la..i read the tamadun melayu,tamadun cina,and tamadun's also tamadun jepun..its really unique la all these
tamadun..but hihi..i almost dozed off halfway thru reading...come on!!!
its HISTORY!!im soo..lazy to read all these facts..i wonder how i can
still find it fascinating..ngeee...(^_^)

got a distance call from LELA!!! u read my blog,eh?dats why u call...? la..i know u remeMber my birthday..THANKS!!(^o^)and act,i was
watching gilmore girls but then this week's episode's a bit BORE!!so..i
sleep early the nite before coz i got 8 am class!!woke up and check my
fon..LOADS of messages coming in!!hihihi..sorry u guys!!my inbox's FULL!!
nway,there's dis nice fren of mine left me a happy birthday wish thru
the voice mail..thanks....(^_-) pity jid..tried to call me but i was on
the phone wif lela..ngee...funny thing is dat FIZ!!!jid sent me a message
and told me fiza says 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY..'..(^O^) haiya..even lela pass me
the message saying she wishes me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'..why so jauh..sampai
pass kat lela..heuheuheu..thanks fizz...i got ur message!!(^_-)

and u know wat?!! I DO have friends aroun me although im no longer in BLESSED..(^_^)thanks for being there~*

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE...(^_-)v~* im sooo..lazy...coz my class starts at 11..actually
at 12..but then ada tutorial discreet..giler bapok susah!!but..
since im in the BIRTHDAY wat the heck!!(^_-)well,
got loads of messages last nite..suddenly i miss SSP...back then
all my closest frenz will come over to my room and shower me with
their birthday wishes..*wink*wink*hihi..and then they'll give all
sorts of presents..(well dats the best part!!) but actually..its
THEM who i missed the MOST!!coz wif them..u'll
be puuting all those worries behind u and always looking forward to
do something new..well,looking back..i can no longer be the yackedie
yack..and go huhuhaha and doing all those silly stuffs!!*blush*blush*
but yeah..its really nice to have your frens around u..and then bila
rasa boring boleh ajak kuar..(^_^)

i miss LELA too!!haiya..bilalah si LILO ni nak balik?!!hehe..dah lama
ko tak call lel..rindu cite2 ko yang ntahpape tuh..ngeee...(^_^)
and then suddenly i was thinking dat at least once in a lifetime..
i want to try everything..i've tried playing guitar,hit and run,
went out late at nite,do crazy stuffs,snorkel,kayak,scubadiving,
wut else...there loads of crazy things i wanted to
bungeejumping,singing for a gig,extreme rollercoaster ride,eating
ice cream during winter,be with the one i love under falling sakuras..
fewh!!i just wish dat all my wishes will come tru..*wink*wink*

well..finger crossed for luck!!(^_-)v

*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME..happy birthday to me..
happy birthday..happpy birthday....

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

::forget me not::enter sadman::weezer::incubus::

gosh!!am i deaf yet??!!giler besT!!i went to battle of the band wif
lisa ..she was NICE!! but the NOT nice is that the
battle was between the under 18..damn!!heheh..but yeah..bumped into
aki and zul..ada jugak la budak yang i kenal..hihi..but the place was
LOUD!!memang we sit dekat ngan my telinga pun dah tak boleh
dengar clearly..when the music stops je..memang berdesing telinga nie..
but the funny thing is..uncle khair..farah's dad..(yes..he was there
too..) boleh tido dalam gamat2 cam tu..heheh..i bet the songs must be
bored him..ngee...(^_^)

but memang pun membosankan when the guest nyanyi lagu ntahpape..actually,
i think most of the songs were i couldnt sing along..THAT
bores me A LOT!! and then there's this cute guy..ala2 ol skool and quite
nerd la..he wore specs..rambut curly..CUTE!!*wink*wink* and he was like
so...blur..!! but damn cool!!coz it always happen dat if the guy
cute cute blur..memang jamin..he's the COOLEST!!hehehehe(^__-)but yeah,
i had a great time there...few songs yang best metallica,weezer,
nd oasis..hehe..not badla..slow rock..but mostly lagu underground and
totally heavy..not suitable for head bangers coz ur head will sakit..heheh
but so far..i think lagu weezer best la..'island of...' i barely remmeber
the title..but the lead guitarist played well..and there this drummer..
seriuos CUTE!!rambut dier..pergh...memang make u drool..hahaha...but then
me+lisa tak tunggu sampai habis coz telinga dah sakit and our throat pun
dah serak2..coz we hafta scream if nak cakap wif each other..huhu..

but yeah...LIVE BAND ROCKS!!!


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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

::class started::java::database::haze::new room::

it had always been a good day to be back at college.but however..
i just don't feel like any much better than my own house..well,
beside being able to go out every nie..woo-hoo!!(^O^) but yeah..
tell u wat..right after i entered my room..the whole place's like
BLUE!!..well the floor had been..furnished up!!haha..well,but then
we got this partition which made our room into 6 small rooms..hehe..
but its like a room we got our own privacies la..nak tukar
baju ke..nak tertonggeng ke..doesnt matter..hehe..but
place a bit 'out of reach' of the fan coz it's been halang
by the tall cupboard!!at first..when i got the roomkeys a bit
terkejut coz its like 'segugus' kunci where before ni..i used to get only for tiny
lil' as i saw the whole wonder there's
LOADS of keys..

anyway..act,im a bit scared la..besides the place's a bit privacy..
the kipas TAK RASA..but then imsorta separatedfrom my
i cant barely seethem from my place..itslikei hafta knock on the
wallof my partition 9macam ketuk pintula pulak..)to callthem..coz
our voices yang kuat ni pun tak cukup untuk nk communicate wif each dat..bila malam je..nak tidur ok..but then
i sorta like to hug my cannot do dat..if not..i'll
be sweating..well,ofcoz besides being scared and was
damn hot and sweaty!!huhu..(&_&)

so..classes plak..ok..entering JAVA!!,the best part
is always pn. lilly..she's damn cool.i love her class,man!and got this
database class..but aleh amek..coz if amek java and datbase lilly
kate susah..well..wat to do..(+_+)so,anyway..i was a bit confused..coz
im not sure whether this sem gonna be alright..coz im a bit jumbled
up about the going-to-japan-thing..anyway..saw mat kool just now..erm..
not to deny..HOT!!hehe..(^_^) will story later,huh?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

::finally done::summer's over babe::back to skool::

fewh!!its already 15th!!and im soo STUCKED here!!
and u know wat?!!all those story book yang tak habis
baca from last year..dah abis!!even lela's THICK
"harry potter and the order of phoenix" pun
dah habis baca..gawd!!dat f***ing boring amy tan pun!!
actually it WAS boring..but then when i started to
read all the way..gosh!!undeniably interesting!!hehe..
well..actually..i can't wait to get back to college
coz i tend to meet all mo fwens!!!(^_-) hihi..and
gawd!!i barely sleep last first i was like
on the bed and suddey i was like..*ching*ching*
its *~PILLOW TALK~* and i surely wouldnt want to miss
this epsode since there's hunkie HANS ISAAC!! HOOT2!!
*chuckles*chuckles* he's a HOTTY dude!!heee..(^_-)
anyway..last nite's topic was quite interesting
beside the other cool episodes "pick-up lines?!!"
hehe..anyway..last nite's was about "wat does women
really want in men?" *blush*blush* (+_+)

well..hell ya know wat?!it will always go down to
LOOKS!!good gawd!!i surely can't deny dat although
at times people will keep on denying dat and started
to talk about all this shitty crap.."it doesnt matter
about the looks and all..its all about heart"..haha..
yeah..right..damn f***ing heart,huh?but
i-dont-know-who's saying : follow ur heart..*gags*
i guess dats wat its all about then..heheh..

enuff bout dat..well..i got like this another freaking
week..and my frenz are all scattered!!ntah mana ntah
depa all pegi..but neymind..actually,i myself pun takde
duit nak hangout ngan them.well,gotta need loads "$"
this month..gotta pay this and that..KABLAM!!paling2
habis almost a thousand!!dammit!!and then
leaving on a jet plane~* yeay!!! haha..i can smile
now..wait till im back at colegge and hafta face dat
kak Ros while taking my sure all these
smiley faces brushed off !! f*** @&$%#

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Monday, June 07, 2004

::cats rules!!::meow::BIBIK!!!::not aroun::

aiyah!!!im damn tired today!!bibik's not we hafta do all her chores..
i dunno where did she we hafta feed
the cats and cats were all
excited we released them from their
mansion..heheh..well,i hafta to do all the
jemur kain thing,fold it and angkat from
ampaian..heheh..macam tak biasa plak (^_-)

anyway..suddenly realizing dat i haf too many
cats!! almost!!need to jual some..
coz dah tak terbela..even the most veteran pun
dah died satu..tinggl 3 yang veteran..yang lain
semua yang new generation..hehhe...well,its a
bit tiring when u released them and u hafta
kejar all those cats back into their mansion..
hihi (^__^) look at them..

click here:MY CATS!!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

::till death do us part::forerro roche::choc fudge::

serious tak big bro dah tunang!!!well,
another year to go..and then he'll get married
plak...ngeee...well.the day went fine..pagi
tadi pi merisik and uncle man is the perisik
(^_^)hihi...siap tersasul least the
situation taklah tegang sangat..coz susah when it
comes to guys yang kena merisik nie..hehe

well...kak dee looked PINK!!!heheh..she looked
nice though..well..sekejap je settled..we were
there for an hour je..siap ngan luch and all
and then balik aa...well,the hantaran was the
one we're waiting for..coz there's chocies!!
and yup..of coz the BIG thing..choc fudge cake..
hehe..balik2 je terus serang..ngee...(^__^)'s the picture of kak dee..

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Friday, June 04, 2004

::cincin lord of the rings::jala itik::peaches:: elder brother's getting engaged!!
and im like soo..freaking out!!well,its in the
blood i guess..anyway,tomorrow's the big day..
the hantaran will all be in peach color!!sweeet!!
and act,i can't wait to eat the choc fudge!!yum2..
hehe..i know there's gonna be a chocolate
cake somewhere..hihi (^_-)

anyway..i spoke to putri just was
a shock to find out dat her birthday was on the
28th june.and we were like freaking SHOCKED!!haha
coz turned out dat my birthday's on the 29th!!hihi
its a small world after all,huh? (^O^) well..then
she was calling me (more to mocking me)haha..
sister and i was like.."wait!wat year
were u borned?"..and freaking out again! she's
1 year younger than me!HAHAHA!!it was funny though
coz u never know these kind of things would happened!

well..i've finished up harry potter and the order of
the phoenix!! fewh!! eyes are all
bengkak2..yelah wasnt the book..i
think im suffering insomnia..huhuhu..coz i'll be
like toss and turn in my bed for over and hour and
all i know..i hafta wake up for subuh..gawd!!
so..i continue my sleep and woke up at 10!!which
was freaking s***..mama woke me up and babbled on
me being the 'anak dara' who woke up late and
not realising that..bla..bla..well..the thing is ma!!
i cant sleep at night!! hellllooo!!! (+__+)well.. frens' a level exams about to over..and
yeah..jid,azz,SHILA!!,aida,marina,oh yeah..pojoe..
well u guys!! the world's waiting for u to conquer!!

gawd!im getting i? (^_-)

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

::boring!!::holidays almost over::harry potter::

fewh!its been a while now!!and u know wat?!!the
holidays almost over!!watdya know!!well..wat had
happened for the past few weeks?!!well..actually,
i DO NOT know myself!!coz ive been nz doing nothing
just laze aroun..tup2 its already JUNE!!yeay!!well..
first yeah is for me:im gonna turn 20!! and the next
yeah goes to lela!!she's coming back!!YEAH!!!

well..been busy myself reading harry potter..fewh!!
dats a thick book!!well..i guees i just end up
sleeping under the book..haha!!well..dats it for
now..more stories..later on when lela's back wif
MORE stories!!haha..(^O^)

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