Friday, May 21, 2004

::lalalala..happy??::u bet!!::dead??::almost!!::

wow!!already 21st?!!eyh..HAPPY BIRTHDAY REINY!!
wow-how!!my fren here already reaching another
year..i wonder whether she's coming back for
summer..nway,wat did I do for the past few
weeks?!!gosh!!lazy..lazy..lazy..nothing much
to do at home..tido je..and dig incubus
megalomaniac..but not yet finish all those
songsla..coz i end up sleeping..hehe..well..
lil’ ika and ehem2..newborn baby gal..Natasha..
came to our house and yupe!been the cousin who
hafta dukung her everywhere she wanna go..nak
ice-cream la..nak keropok la..nak tengok cat
la..nak tengok nemo la..which we watched the
same cd for 3 times..again and again..wargh!!
driving me mad with her adorable eyes (just like
puss in boots in shrek2) haha.. for the past few days..just been callin
frenz and err…getting phone calls..hehe..sorry
u bills are like the fujiyama!damn high!!
will call u guys when the red blooded woman
(my mum) * gags* slows down her volcanic lectures,
aite (^_-)..heheh..well..since dat lil cousin’s
around..been joining her eating ice-cream..each
and every day..fewh!!need to double up the jogging
laps..hihi..but then the weather here’s a bit
sticky la lately..remind me of pulau kapas..even
u nak tido pun tak best..sweating like s***
end up tak bolah nak tido every petang and wasting
all the money on the water source..ngehehee..its
bloody hot!!I cant’ help it..all I can do is
taking the shower..well..enough it hot
in here or is it just me..?fewh!! getting all
nelly up!(^_-)

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