Friday, May 21, 2004

::lalalala..happy??::u bet!!::dead??::almost!!::

wow!!already 21st?!!eyh..HAPPY BIRTHDAY REINY!!
wow-how!!my fren here already reaching another
year..i wonder whether she's coming back for
summer..nway,wat did I do for the past few
weeks?!!gosh!!lazy..lazy..lazy..nothing much
to do at home..tido je..and dig incubus
megalomaniac..but not yet finish all those
songsla..coz i end up sleeping..hehe..well..
lil’ ika and ehem2..newborn baby gal..Natasha..
came to our house and yupe!been the cousin who
hafta dukung her everywhere she wanna go..nak
ice-cream la..nak keropok la..nak tengok cat
la..nak tengok nemo la..which we watched the
same cd for 3 times..again and again..wargh!!
driving me mad with her adorable eyes (just like
puss in boots in shrek2) haha.. for the past few days..just been callin
frenz and err…getting phone calls..hehe..sorry
u bills are like the fujiyama!damn high!!
will call u guys when the red blooded woman
(my mum) * gags* slows down her volcanic lectures,
aite (^_-)..heheh..well..since dat lil cousin’s
around..been joining her eating ice-cream..each
and every day..fewh!!need to double up the jogging
laps..hihi..but then the weather here’s a bit
sticky la lately..remind me of pulau kapas..even
u nak tido pun tak best..sweating like s***
end up tak bolah nak tido every petang and wasting
all the money on the water source..ngehehee..its
bloody hot!!I cant’ help it..all I can do is
taking the shower..well..enough it hot
in here or is it just me..?fewh!! getting all
nelly up!(^_-)

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Thursday, May 06, 2004


fewh!!just got back from p.kapas..and hell!
it was damn nice!! went for snorkling,canoing,
and of coz! swimming!it was stupendous
there!!well..i can't probably write the whole
situation but yupe!it was damn nice!u know
wat?!!i saw NEMO!! was realy..really..
small and tiny..and on the last day..saw MARLIN..
*gags*obsession over ~finding nemo~i shall
say..but it was irresistable there!!i can't stop
myself from jumping into the sea!!(^O^) well,the
day i arrived there was abit stuffy!the ocean breeze
was too..sticky!!although u just took ur bath
but after u walk for a while or wake up from ur
"beauty sleep"..u will no longer be "beautiful"..hahah..

well,i can say dat im really...TANNED!!like the
red indians..ngeheeheee..well..the pictures haven't
been uploaded yet..but will be upload later,aite (^_-).
well..of coz we saw the dugongs (europeans) hihi..
pity them..they were just want to get their body
tanned but those uncivilised *ganu*guys just can't
leave them ALONE!! mengganggu-gugat..kuangx3..
but u can say that although its not pulau redang
but still..pulau kapas is a nice place to go..its only
15 mins from the mainland (marang)..u won't get all
dizzy+seasick during the boat journey!*gosh!its
like a roller-coaster ride* enough said..i had a great time
with my family..(^O^)

click here for pictures:p.kapas

::wish i could go there again::

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