Saturday, April 24, 2004

~YEAH!!got the the groves

well..well..finally im done wit my blogging thing.
BUT..i havent entered the powerwebmusic yet..its
damn hard..with the slow server..haiya!!i think im
going mad!! wahahahah..neeways,i think i like this
blog but the backgroun picture was a bit weird
since im not a final fantasy fan.took it from to
farahdigitalworks..ntah..i dont even know her..but
credits to her..domo
she helps me to do thid nice blog..but somehow
i miss my ol' blog..takpe..i still simpan the codes

well..lela dah balik ari nie..huhu..another boring
holidays then..but then my dad told me thaht we're
going to pulau gonna go sun bathing!!!
woo-hoo! (^O^) well..dah lama tak swim kat laut..
senang2 je nak get sunburnt!!hampeh!melissa plak
pegi seyh..ingatkan nka ikut..tapi tak
jadi..since me myself pun malas nak gerak..dari rumah..
hehe..nak tgk starsky and hutch la..macam best je..

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