Saturday, April 10, 2004

well..its been a while like soo...bored!!
duk kat umah je..tak buat this part
time job translating books..its kinda cool,though.
but yet..brain storming!!ngeeheehehe..well,had
a nice long conversation wif my ol fren fazari!! it
was nice to hear from him..really great fren of mine!
digging infos for me..hihi..but yeah..miss him A LOT!
well..sometimes time are just so cruel to passes
really fast!! i was like soing something the other day..
and the next thin u know its already april!gosh!!
everything went so quickly..well as for doing
fine..heheh..well,thought of going to bandung wif
melissa.her house there..i hope its gonna be great
then.. cant wait!! loads to tell later.. (^___^)

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