Tuesday, April 13, 2004

well..its been a boring day at home..as always..
been lazing around..doing nothing but sleep
and eat..(^_-) yesterday fizz called.told me dat
lela’s back in msia..her mom’s not feeling well..
but somehw..didn’t get any phone calls from
her yet..

the other day,I chatted wif few of my frenz..
yang dah lama tak borak ngan.emma..to be
precise..its been a while.. met her on the net..
out of all places I know.hahah.Well..spoke about
loads of stuffs..it was interesting but wait till
my ‘other’ fren spoke to me.

well..wats with relationships anyway…?if u want to
be together..but somehow u wanna act as if there’s
nothing going on between u guys..isn’t dat more
or less like a LIE?!!for me..its more like a lie..
heheh..but true2..actually building a relationship is
not everything dat u want to do..rite?it’s a mind over
matter kinda thing..if ur lonely..then u’ll be thinking
about it..well..basically..its not wrong to haf a
relationship and well..as long as u know the limits
and all..rite?(^_^) sheesh! wat the crap am I talking
about?!!(^O^) well..obviously a fren had talked
about this wif me and it got me thinking up to certain
stages..well..well..i guess..dats wat I think..how
about u? (^_-)

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