Thursday, March 11, 2004

well...nothing much happened
exams ended at 1 pm was like a dream come true!
i mean ive been praying hard for the day to come n
so the day DID finally come!hahah!so right after the n centipade went to mall for some SHOPPING!
well..end up..siew ping yang banyak membeli-belah..
huhu (^O^) nway,it was really great as we all gathered
and hang out!but too bad..jessica and siti were not
aroun..anyway..i was really excited to shop when
suddenly all the things i wanna buy was not THERE!
takde saiz la..lain kaler la..hampeh!!it was really
devastating!however..we walked for nearly 6 hours just
to hunt for my sandals..n end up in mcD EATING!!
HAIYA!!when it comes to releasing my depression..
FOOD's the answer!hahah..

so..we went out from 2pm until 11 pm dat night since
we hafta send efa home in kerama.wudya think?!im
so tired and we went for dinner (its 9!! for
crying out loud!) in cheras..and i end up drinking air
suam jeh..huhu...not feeling hungry..(soo..suddenly??)
well..we then went back to college..and HAH! finally i
went straight to bed and dozed off immediately..too tired..
but hey!it was a great day..but somehow i regreted not
saying to faizal..since it was our last day on campus..
will try our luck during dinner tomorrow..yeah..right!(^_-)

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