Tuesday, March 23, 2004

well..nothing much happened AGAIN!! hahah..it is
always like dat wat!heheh..well,i went to OU the
other with lisa...its been a whilke i havent seen
lisa..she looked different!*gags*she's wearing
glasses and she CUT her damn long hair!haiya!
wat happened to all my frens with long hair?!
the all went mad and cut their HAIR?!!(+_+)
nemind,anyway..so...the finals are over and im
like so damn enjoying the holiday..although it
might sounds boring!*pojoe was right!*heheh..

nothing much happened and im not doing
anything enjoyful either!haha..but i think
eating,sleeping and eating and sleeping
alternately is rather interesting isn't it?(^_-)
well..dats wat i did for this past few weeks!gawd!
i AM plain boring!ngeehehehee...(^_^)well,
however there ARE something interesting
happened!i got TWO distance calls..(^_-) well,
denise called the other day..all the way from
OZZY!! i really miss her a LOT!she's like my
guardian angel!she got answers to all my probs!
gee!!she's damn good man!i wish she;s still here!
(+_+) well..as usual..getting call from lela is like
GAWD!! when are u coming home,lel?!!!she's
my devilsih diva!cant wait to hear all those hot
stories..hahah!well,i miss FIZZ+SHIL too!haiya!
when are we gonna hang out together again?!!!
hmm..how about klcc?(^_-)

p/s:gals!!! i really miss u guys!!(^O^) muakszz!

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