Wednesday, March 03, 2004

~ON SECONDS I THOUGHT...lalalalalaala~

yeay!!! finally my c++ paper ENDS!!! woo-hoo!!!
(^O^) gawd!wat a relief!!hahah..well,all my frens
cakap susah..i dont knowla whether memang
betul2 susah gw tak tau ker..hehe..well,i got a
new fren..she's actually a fren of pojoe..hahah..
she's CRAY-ZEE,funny!yupe!!the kewl thing is
dat she's from jakarta!!DUDE!!JAKARTA!!its like
COOL!!!heheh..well..btw,the paper just now was
not dat bad..but was rather
usual..c++,wat can be more confusing then
DAT!!heheh...(&_&)well..havent had my lunch
yet..not hungry but sleepy!! ALWAYS!!!
sleepy...(-_-) can u imagine..i slept at 3 am..and
the next day woke up at 10am..hahah..memang
takleh jadi calon isteri langsung..huhu..

well..dey!! if u read this..if x pun dah
post kat blog lu.nanti bila lel balik lepak
umah datang umah lu la.kita try explore
blog..and then gw tolong lu buat linking and letak
lagu..kalu lu tak dapat buat lagu tu la..pastu kita
usha2 orang yang buat kewl blogs camne diorang
buat kewl blogs..ok?(^_^)

well..nothing much to be done..except for im left
wif another fabulous paper and then its HOLIDAY!!!
YEAY!! JAPAN HERE I COME!! wahahaha!!oo...pagi
tadi i was listening to was damn nice!!
seriousllly!!!its damn NEAT!! a mixture of generationz..
which i can't relate too much on generations coz
i wasnt born back then..hahah!but yeah..CAN'T STOP
ROCKS!!! plus im in LURVEEE...wif DON'T PANIC::
cold play::damn cool! SOOTHING!! btw,wat happened
to JIMI?? where are thou?~lalalala~well..undeniably
addicted to vanilla coke right now...coke..coke..coke..
im starving!!!(+_+)

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