Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Noboday would have know wat are my feelings
right now!!well..except for lela and denise!ngee...
(^_-)well,as far as im concerned...IM IN LOVE!!
hihi..but i just hope dat its not like my song here..
cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan..coz
i dont think so..heheh..gosh!!im like so..in cloud 9!!
ngeeheehee..well..of coz lel!u know how it feels
now!as ur ARE flying and floating in the air aight?!
(^_-)heheh..well,i thot my holiday was gonna be
damn BORING!!i bet its NOT,huh?!(+_+) well,well..
wat dya know..im now not clueless like i used to..
and will not be like it unless something came up
again!*gawd!i hope dat silly feelings will just go
away..* shhooosh!!go AWAY!*hihi..well..one thing
for sure..i juts cant stop myself from smiling la!!!
*blush*blush*or lets exaggarate it!! i cant stop
GRINNING!!(^_-) huhuhu..

lel !!!help me!!!im in LOVE!!! (+_+)

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