Monday, March 08, 2004

~HUARGHH....(_o_) dats me sleepingupside down

haiya..woke up at 11..(dats early ain it?)well..bibik
kejut guna batang mop..huhu..*she was mopping
the floor*she bangs the door+with the batang mop*
in a manner ways la...*hahah* as i woke up..mama
reheat the nasi kerabu..yum2..she brought back from
terengganu..sedap siotz...went upstairs and tetido..

~KAK EYIN!!!~ :: a voice woke me up! and i almost
hit the floor head first!huhu..IKA WAS HERE!!!yup!
dat lil' cute cousin of for lunch..wif
mama ton's nasik kerabu..::mama ton is my mother::
so..she ate A LOT!! and as i her parent's about to leave
and take her along..she said ::nak duk ngan kak eyin
boleh?:: hafta be a babysitter plak..dahla
ade paper lusa..and i havent START YET!!! gilak aah!!
so..layan punya layan..she's damn cute!! brought her
to play wif the kitten::she strangled them:picit their
perut until the mata macam nak terbonjol keluar..huhu
and then..i fed ika with LOADS of air sirap..thot dat
she'll sleep...end up..IM THE ONE YANG TIDO!!hahah
its my nature to sleep at up i dozed
off wif dat lil gal playing on the buaian ALONE..huhu
(^O^)and as for me..ALAMAK!!! assembly belum baca
lagi lah!!! gonna be dead!!!

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