Saturday, March 06, 2004


huhu..wat a DAY!!! well,as for yesterday..i went for
shopping wif k.ana..heheh..we went to mid valley!
damn!its SALE!!! woo-hoo!(^O^) it was great!!!
went to roxy and thot of buying this very same
purse BUT since i was planning to shop for shoes
n sandals plus we didnt have much time yesterday
coz we went to watch ju-on FINALE!! it was damn
SPOOKY!!! darn dat toshio!keeps on muncul tiba2
je kat screen tuh..but after a while..i realized dat
toshio was NOT da spookie..~oooOOOooo~ hahah..

well..we went to watch the movie..then we go to
buy some clothes.i bought one diesel shirt.and i
bought one cute sox and cleo.wut else..oo..n
then i met pojoe there.ate pizza njust chat n
chat n chat..hahah..later he me n k.ana
went to carrefour n bought sushi and went to
nose.gawd!there's this nice sandals..haiya!!it
was damn nice..BUT my budget was not on that wewent off...but then i entered ROXY
for the SECOND time!!my eyes really hooked on
this ROXY can u get a ROXY flip-flops
for only rm20!!! but then takde size plak dah..
i dont care!!next time i datang,its in my LIST TO
BUY...heheh (^_^)

n then went back aroun 8pm..met pojoe AGAIN
at kl central..n went back sama2..but he stops
at nilai we (me+k.ana) were like so damn
tired!! but i didnt actually got wat i want..which
is SANDALS!!!so..decided to buy it the next day
at mines..YEAY!!! (^o^)

so TODAY...we went to mines..and k.ana got
her BAG..its really COOL!its coudroyed she got
it for only rm30!!..and then i went for some
sandals HUNTING..heheh..n i found it!!
~HAHAHAHAHAHA~ so i saw this same beaded
sandal..BUT since im budgeting for a sempoi one..
so i then decided to buy the sempoi one only..
huhu..hey!but i got it foronly rm 14..can u
imagine..its really its velvet!!hahaha..
BUT im still in LURVEEE wif the beaded one
WAHAHAHAHA!!! (+_+) so im coming back
next week..WAIT FOR ME AAAA!!!~huhuhuhu~

pojoe:nice to hang out..hmmm...need to put
on weight..(&_&)
k.ana:sekapla..lets do some shopping AGAIN
next week?? (^_-)

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