Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Noboday would have know wat are my feelings
right now!!well..except for lela and denise!ngee...
(^_-)well,as far as im concerned...IM IN LOVE!!
hihi..but i just hope dat its not like my song here..
cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan..coz
i dont think so..heheh..gosh!!im like so..in cloud 9!!
ngeeheehee..well..of coz lel!u know how it feels
now!as ur ARE flying and floating in the air aight?!
(^_-)heheh..well,i thot my holiday was gonna be
damn BORING!!i bet its NOT,huh?!(+_+) well,well..
wat dya know..im now not clueless like i used to..
and will not be like it unless something came up
again!*gawd!i hope dat silly feelings will just go
away..* shhooosh!!go AWAY!*hihi..well..one thing
for sure..i juts cant stop myself from smiling la!!!
*blush*blush*or lets exaggarate it!! i cant stop
GRINNING!!(^_-) huhuhu..

lel !!!help me!!!im in LOVE!!! (+_+)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

well..nothing much happened AGAIN!! hahah..it is
always like dat wat!heheh..well,i went to OU the
other with lisa...its been a whilke i havent seen
lisa..she looked different!*gags*she's wearing
glasses and she CUT her damn long hair!haiya!
wat happened to all my frens with long hair?!
the all went mad and cut their HAIR?!!(+_+)
nemind,anyway..so...the finals are over and im
like so damn enjoying the holiday..although it
might sounds boring!*pojoe was right!*heheh..

nothing much happened and im not doing
anything enjoyful either!haha..but i think
eating,sleeping and eating and sleeping
alternately is rather interesting isn't it?(^_-)
well..dats wat i did for this past few weeks!gawd!
i AM plain boring!ngeehehehee...(^_^)well,
however there ARE something interesting
happened!i got TWO distance calls..(^_-) well,
denise called the other day..all the way from
OZZY!! i really miss her a LOT!she's like my
guardian angel!she got answers to all my probs!
gee!!she's damn good man!i wish she;s still here!
(+_+) well..as usual..getting call from lela is like
GAWD!! when are u coming home,lel?!!!she's
my devilsih diva!cant wait to hear all those hot
stories..hahah!well,i miss FIZZ+SHIL too!haiya!
when are we gonna hang out together again?!!!
hmm..how about klcc?(^_-)

p/s:gals!!! i really miss u guys!!(^O^) muakszz!

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

well...nothing much happened though...hmm..my
exams ended at 1 pm ..it was like a dream come true!
i mean ive been praying hard for the day to come n
so the day DID finally come!hahah!so right after the
test..me n centipade went to mall for some SHOPPING!
well..end up..siew ping yang banyak membeli-belah..
huhu (^O^) nway,it was really great as we all gathered
and hang out!but too bad..jessica and siti were not
aroun..anyway..i was really excited to shop when
suddenly all the things i wanna buy was not THERE!
takde saiz la..lain kaler la..hampeh!!it was really
devastating!however..we walked for nearly 6 hours just
to hunt for my sandals..n end up in mcD EATING!!
HAIYA!!when it comes to releasing my depression..
FOOD's the answer!hahah..

so..we went out from 2pm until 11 pm dat night since
we hafta send efa home in kerama.wudya think?!im
so tired and hungry..so we went for dinner (its 9!! for
crying out loud!) in cheras..and i end up drinking air
suam jeh..huhu...not feeling hungry..(soo..suddenly??)
well..we then went back to college..and HAH! finally i
went straight to bed and dozed off immediately..too tired..
but hey!it was a great day..but somehow i regreted not
saying to faizal..since it was our last day on campus..
will try our luck during dinner tomorrow..yeah..right!(^_-)

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Monday, March 08, 2004

~HUARGHH....(_o_) dats me sleepingupside down

haiya..woke up at 11..(dats early ain it?)well..bibik
kejut guna batang mop..huhu..*she was mopping
the floor*she bangs the door+with the batang mop*
in a manner ways la...*hahah*..so as i woke up..mama
reheat the nasi kerabu..yum2..she brought back from
terengganu..sedap siotz...went upstairs and tetido..

~KAK EYIN!!!~ :: a voice woke me up! and i almost
hit the floor head first!huhu..IKA WAS HERE!!!yup!
dat lil' cute cousin of mine..hangout for lunch..wif
mama ton's nasik kerabu..::mama ton is my mother::
so..she ate A LOT!! and as i her parent's about to leave
and take her along..she said ::nak duk ngan kak eyin
boleh?:: hahah..so..i hafta be a babysitter plak..dahla
ade paper lusa..and i havent START YET!!! gilak aah!!
so..layan punya layan..she's damn cute!! brought her
to play wif the kitten::she strangled them:picit their
perut until the mata macam nak terbonjol keluar..huhu
and then..i fed ika with LOADS of air sirap..thot dat
she'll sleep...end up..IM THE ONE YANG TIDO!!hahah
its my nature to sleep at four~six...so..end up i dozed
off wif dat lil gal playing on the buaian ALONE..huhu
(^O^)and as for me..ALAMAK!!! assembly belum baca
lagi lah!!! huhu..im gonna be dead!!!

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

~sunRise@coffee bean::bowling@bSc::chocolatechip
muffin::2 strikes::~

wat a day....hahah...so i got back today..and hey! it was
GREAT!!(^_^)u know wat??i had dis whole tiring week!!
been reading the bukz like s***!! seriously..(yeah..maybe
u can say dat im a lil' bit lousy+lazy)but right after the
c++ apper i headed trus for SHOPPING!! gawd!!i feel
GOOD!! and then i was feeling lousy as ever since the
holiday's near..macam malas nak balik je..coz its gonna
be boring lepak kat rumah je..lela balik bulan JUNE..so..
waiting for her for another 2 months are like ARGHHH!!!!
(+_+) SO..tetiba mama suruh balik..so,tunggu abang
ambik petang tuh..sampai tertido2..atas katil..and then
abang sampai pun mata dah tak tahan..nak bangun mandi
pun dah malas...so..angkat barang2...pergh!! berat gile!!!
pastu..sambung tido balik atas kete...huhu (^O^)..::

k.dee ajak main bowling..HAAA??!!mana orang GHETI!!!
huhu..pastu k.dee blanje..gi BSC..huhu..pakai baju tidor
ngan jeans lusuh je...BANGSAR,dude?!!!HEHEH (^_-)
nasib baik tak ramai orang..pastu gi main bowling..best
giler!!!heheh...first time la katakan..I DID TWO STRIKES!!!
bestnyer!!! (-_+) rasa cam nak melompat je..tapi terkawal..
memandangkan ader mamat hensem kat lane sebelah..
huhu (^O^)..penat tol!! abang kate first time main tak
cukup stamina..mesti cepat penat...MEMANG PUN!! 2nd
game SUX GILER!!!..lapan kali masuk longkang..huhu..
teruk,kan?!!!rasa malu pun ader..so..cakap kuat "ala...
baru first time main.."heheh..mencover diri depan
mamat ensem kat sebelah..(^_-) so..at the end..2nd
game kalah..AS USUAL!!

pastu k.dee blanja sunrise..yum2...sedapnyer..lama tak
lepak coffee bean..:nampak mini coupe kaler merah~
kewl!!::huhu and then since seluk2 poket ader rm10 je..
beli muffin cokelat chip satu..hehe ::bayar sendiri..aaa::
pastu makan panas2..sedap giler..badan pun dah penat...
so..makan2..sampai umahTIDO (-_-) ZZZzzzz....

::wat a beautiful day::

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Saturday, March 06, 2004


huhu..wat a DAY!!! well,as for yesterday..i went for
shopping wif k.ana..heheh..we went to mid valley!
damn!its SALE!!! woo-hoo!(^O^) it was great!!!
went to roxy and thot of buying this very same
purse BUT since i was planning to shop for shoes
n sandals plus we didnt have much time yesterday
coz we went to watch ju-on FINALE!! it was damn
SPOOKY!!! darn dat toshio!keeps on muncul tiba2
je kat screen tuh..but after a while..i realized dat
toshio was NOT da spookie..~oooOOOooo~ hahah..

well..we went to watch the movie..then we go to
buy some clothes.i bought one diesel shirt.and i
bought one cute sox and cleo.wut else..oo..n
then i met pojoe there.ate pizza njust chat n
chat n chat..hahah..later he blah..so me n k.ana
went to carrefour n bought sushi and went to
nose.gawd!there's this nice sandals..haiya!!it
was damn nice..BUT my budget was not on that
sandals..so wewent off...but then i entered ROXY
for the SECOND time!!my eyes really hooked on
this ROXY flip-flops..how can u get a ROXY flip-flops
for only rm20!!! but then takde size plak dah..
i dont care!!next time i datang,its in my LIST TO
BUY...heheh (^_^)

n then went back aroun 8pm..met pojoe AGAIN
at kl central..n went back sama2..but he stops
at nilai la..so we (me+k.ana) were like so damn
tired!! but i didnt actually got wat i want..which
is SANDALS!!!so..decided to buy it the next day
at mines..YEAY!!! (^o^)

so TODAY...we went to mines..and k.ana got
her BAG..its really COOL!its coudroyed she got
it for only rm30!!..and then i went for some
sandals HUNTING..heheh..n i found it!!
~HAHAHAHAHAHA~ so i saw this same beaded
sandal..BUT since im budgeting for a sempoi one..
so i then decided to buy the sempoi one only..
huhu..hey!but i got it foronly rm 14..can u
imagine..its really cool..plus its velvet!!hahaha..
BUT im still in LURVEEE wif the beaded one
WAHAHAHAHA!!! (+_+) so im coming back
next week..WAIT FOR ME AAAA!!!~huhuhuhu~

pojoe:nice to hang out..hmmm...need to put
on weight..(&_&)
k.ana:sekapla..lets do some shopping AGAIN
next week?? (^_-)

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

~ON SECONDS I THOUGHT...lalalalalaala~

yeay!!! finally my c++ paper ENDS!!! woo-hoo!!!
(^O^) gawd!wat a relief!!hahah..well,all my frens
cakap susah..i dont knowla whether memang
betul2 susah gw tak tau ker..hehe..well,i got a
new fren..she's actually a fren of pojoe..hahah..
she's CRAY-ZEE,funny!yupe!!the kewl thing is
dat she's from jakarta!!DUDE!!JAKARTA!!its like
COOL!!!heheh..well..btw,the paper just now was
not dat bad..but was rather confusingla.as
usual..c++,wat can be more confusing then
DAT!!heheh...(&_&)well..havent had my lunch
yet..not hungry but sleepy!!heheh...im ALWAYS!!!
sleepy...(-_-) can u imagine..i slept at 3 am..and
the next day woke up at 10am..hahah..memang
takleh jadi calon isteri langsung..huhu..

well..dey!! if u read this..if x pun takpe..gw dah
post kat blog lu.nanti bila lel balik msia..gw lepak
umah dier..gw datang umah lu la.kita try explore
blog..and then gw tolong lu buat linking and letak
lagu..kalu lu tak dapat buat lagu tu la..pastu kita
usha2 orang yang buat kewl blogs camne diorang
buat kewl blogs..ok?(^_^)

well..nothing much to be done..except for im left
wif another fabulous paper and then its HOLIDAY!!!
YEAY!! JAPAN HERE I COME!! wahahaha!!oo...pagi
tadi i was listening to RHCP..it was damn nice!!
seriousllly!!!its damn NEAT!! a mixture of generationz..
which i can't relate too much on generations coz
i wasnt born back then..hahah!but yeah..CAN'T STOP
ROCKS!!! plus im in LURVEEE...wif DON'T PANIC::
cold play::damn cool! SOOTHING!! btw,wat happened
to JIMI?? where are thou?~lalalala~well..undeniably
addicted to vanilla coke right now...coke..coke..coke..
im starving!!!(+_+)

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