Friday, February 27, 2004


well..just now i had my japanese oral test..darn!it
was funny!im always like this!the other day was
when my interview for the kokugokuin.i thot dat the
interview was at 10..actually it was t 9!! and same
goes 4 today..i thot dat the oral test was at 11 or
12..but actually it was at 10.30 am!! nasib baik i
decided to call chua and ask her!hahah..and when
i was calling was already 10.30 on the dot
and i wasnt any near to the lab!!! hahah..thank
GAWD! i went staright to the lab..and i was already
1/2 an hour late. hohohoho..(^O^)

well,it went well..i guess (^_-) but yeah..when sense
asked me the 6 questions..i was rather stumbling..
but then i managed to anwer but rather in damn
SHORT answers..haha!come on! i can't go figure
nicely structured words without looking at the
dictionary! hahah!well..however..i did answer
correctly..i think.hmmm..i did add up a song for
this blog.trying new stuffs..its a nice song aint it?
well,if u got sumting to say or perhaps a nice song
which will go well with this blog's layout just
shout,ey (^_^) so relaxed today!a burden just flew off..
its nice to actually feel light on ur shoulder..heheh..
think of an angel..soothing and peace..well..dats
always on my mind..especially when i think of my
cats SIMBA!!! miss u a LOT! see this how peaceful
is he sleeping...btw,i got 4 kittens!! YATTA!! (^o^)
its damn cute.there's orange,black,black and white
and white.CUTE!!!! cant wait for the finals to end.i
can spend all my time with the CATS!! and IKA!!!
cutie couzin (^_^)

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