Saturday, January 03, 2004

well..well..shibarakudesune...just finished my nihonggo
no testo desu.wa!!muzukashi yo..demo..gambatteruyo.
so..hows everythin,ey?..well,i can say dat loads of stuffs
had happened.n yupe either sweet or sour..both are nice
to have.well,went to ranjini's party the other was
held at her house..AT NIGHT!! can u imagine dat!!heheh..
being wicked as always..went out with ayuni till 12 mid nite..
ngeee..(^_^) managed to get back to college on time.and
guess what?!! got test the next morning.been staying up
till 4 o'clock..and KABOOM!!woke up at 8 for the test which
was on 9.

well lemme tell wat had happened for the past few weeks..
well i went to azz's house the other day.well turned out..
SoOO..not the way i want it.there were jid,madin,fatty,denise
and feena!! was just not the way i wanted it to
was ok...but not DAT in not enjoyable.just having
those ssp gals did cheer me up..but later on..i was rather
exhausted and totally scRewed!!!don't feel like telling it at
the for my three tests
in a rowthe other day.did go a bit WACKO for a while but
yeah..managed to get hanged on it.ngee...(^_^).i was n the
27th,28th,and 29th.well u can imagine thesubjects are all
soO..damn WICKED!! programming,assembly language
and SDA!! cray-zee!! but hey! i did had a great time at
ranj's house!gelak banyak giler!!heheh...hmm...although
its quite wacko but STIILL i enjoyed myself dat nite..met
mei yin,khay hooi,wil min,jason,lam,lava,jeremy,aliaa+amai,
ranjini of coz..and her boo.CUTE..well,it kinda touchy coz
she's one of my closest fren.and now she's off to US.hmm..
wishing her all the best then. well it's really nice to STILL
have all ur close frenz aroun u (^_^)

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