Friday, January 02, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! gee.. it doesnt feel like nu year at all!!nggee..(^_^)
dya know wat?went to celebrate it atputrajaya..but turned out there
was nothing to celebrate at all!!well..lemme tell u wat..;p hmm..we drove i
intan to bangsar and there,people were already crowding the places..BUT
we didn't celebrate there as we don't even know where to we were
like going down to bangsar..and then we head back to was
quite a long journey..but stell had filled in full her we were like
CLUELESS to go where.but since there's not many ppl in we
went there.and GOODNESS!! there were nothing held THERE!! no
FIREWORKS!no NOTHING!! huhuhu..STEW-PIG! (*O*) so..we decided to
stay there for a while..and stella played us few songs..ngee..with her
guitar of kinda a blue moments.. :p heheh..flashing back all
those nice moments we had.dat was really..SADD!!!
on at 2 we headed outta putrajaya.. NOT familiar with d we kinda sesat kat bangi!!huhu..
it was DARK,man!so feel like wetting our we decided to turned
back and headed to UPTOWN!!ngehehehe...(&_&)roun punya roun..NO
PARKING!!! wargh!!! totally pissed off!!but hey!we headed to maple and
ate some nice hot maggi goreng!heheh!!so we later on headed back to
college at roun 3a.m.and was sOo..exhausted!!so we arrived at college
roun 3.30 and was soO.. scarred dat the 'makcik' guard mite caught us..
so we then decided to stay in the car and sleep there.but,hey!! who can
sleep in the damn uncomfy car!!so i was numb for putting my hands not
at the right i woke up all of them and hell we don't care no
more about the we headed back to stell's room.haha..thot
dat we wanna snoop dOgging..but turned out the makcik doesn't give
a damn pun!! HAHAHAHA..poyo siotz!! we headed back tido
sampai kol 11 pagi.HUHUHUHU!!.penat gell.well dat was my nu year..
heheh..pretty wacky,huh?

well..wats my resolutions...well..i was hoping dat i could go to japan one
day.n for my studies here..i hope dat i can score dekan..
insyaAllah..(-_-) AMIN....

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