Thursday, December 11, 2003

well..well..dah lama tak menaip.skali skala menaip bahasa
ibunda ni seronok gax..tapi aku memang tak gheti nak
berbahasa bunga macam k.shera la.(^_^) nway,last
saturday me,jieji and as went to inarah's house.YATTA!!
totally enjoyable!met fizz,azz,denise,jelot,sherot,ita,
malino,aida,jid+foy,as,jieji,ija+k.amy farah nadz and
of coz! INARAH!it was really tremendous!its been a
while...we haven't meet for such a LONG...time!and gosh!
u can surely imagine when all of us get together..we
surely make a HELL of a noise!well,inarah served us
spaghetti,sausages,fried chicken and some fruits..YUM2!..
can u imagine..i ate 3 times.really2 full but yet,still i
ate extra sausages.hahah!IJA!!!she was really2..THIN!
not to exclude azz and inarah!and yeah..everyone had
changed a bit..(^O^) some fat accessed,some reduced

had a really2 great time.well,now were at our own
paces.some headed west,some headed east.and as
for still here..denise will be leaving this
february...maybe!well,i thot i will bummed into lin and
mujep..but things just didn't happen.too bad!misses
LIN a LOT! well,here's us in totally different faces
compared to we used to be before.and as for me,i've
added extra iron there! braces totally
SHONE!hahah..but yeah..i will surely gonna miss those
days..(^O^) huhuhu...


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