Wednesday, December 03, 2003

today..hah!finally i got the chance for myself..neeways,
selamat hari raya!!well,went back kelantan for
was really GREAT!!had a tremendous time there! all
the kl peeps like ayah le and family,ayah he and family,
and MY family all together went back kelantan.the
house is like going to bring down by all the cucu-cucu.
they are LOADS of kids there!and i was like..what the
hell do these kids want?!!but hell no..i didn't said a
word.instead,i was enjoying myself with their company!
well,lela got back!a suprise one,i shall say..but saddening,
i couldn't meet her up!really2 saddening!but what can
do,lite?hehe.quite bum though but its ok.met her earlier
in,no biggie.neeways,zaza held an open house.
lela wasthere.supposed to meet her up,there.but feena
couldn't make no transport.else,i just got back from
kelantan the other, the one stucked
at home doing nothing.while the others were enjoying
their hari raya.

demo,raya wa totemo tanoshikatta ne.heheh..yesterday
went to nihonggono jyugyo.nihonggo wa sukoshi
muzukashi ne..we learnt the ~to omoi was fun.
but hard,though.for example..kutsu da to omoi masu.
i think dats a shoe. form the word is really hard.
needed a LOT of practice there.nway,just now zaimi was
online.all the way in japan.dah lame tak borak ngan fren my japanese skill..but
of coz his is much2 the one who was crawling
like a snail.(^O^)well,nihonggo no bengkyo..kena buat
sakubung.well..nikki.muzukashi yo..and we actually hafta
type it,and print it out..but i don't havethe hiragana
software.too..bad.needed to have a pc at the mo.but
pc rosak!!well..just unlucky then.

ne..raya no shiashin wa arimasu.but at the mo..tak
sempat nak uploadkan.huge family there.just like dey's
family.totally to cut and paste here
and there.heheh..but no time yet.hmm..already 3
o'clock.gotta fly..lum solat.will write more..

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